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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Bourjois Paris Rose Exclusif self-adjusting gloss

**I was a bit nervous about Hurricane Sandy last night; thankfully Toronto didn't get a lot of damage...just mainly high winds and some downed power lines. My thoughts are with those in New York/Jersey/Connecticut/other places hit much worse by the storm.**

Last month I attended an amazing event by Random House and Chatelaine at the Ritz-Carlton, which showcased the latest books for Fall. It was really fun, and there was even a bit of beauty involved! Bourjois Paris was on hand sampling their Rose Exclusif gloss - and everyone who tried it out got a complementary tube to take home! Here are my thoughts on this gloss.

Rose Exclusif gloss
This is a clear gloss that self-adjusts to each woman, transforming into a pretty pink! The gloss can turn from very light pink to dark magenta, depending on the pH of your lips.

Swatch on hand (goes on clear)
Transformed to a pretty shade of pink!

This is a pretty fun gloss, as you can see it has tinted my lips a lovely light shade of pink. But, oddly enough, on some days when I wear it, it goes even darker - to a magenta almost. A bit tempermental, perhaps? ;) Or maybe it's just my wacko body chemistry!

It is also very moisturizing; my lips feel soft and conditioned for hours after applying it. One downside though is this is quite the sticky gloss.

After the glossy shine has faded, I find that some of the pink colour actually stays on my lips!

Pink left behind after shine has worn away
Overall, I give this gloss a thumbs-up for its staying power, colour it transforms to and how it leaves lips soft. Thumbs down though for the sticky feel it has, especially immediately upon application.

Bourjois Paris can be found at select Shoppers Drug Mart locations. The Rose Exclusif gloss retails for around $20.


  1. I am loving this brand. I was introduced to Boourjois by a friend and I am really liking the brand. I will look for this the next time I am at shoppers which will be soon.

    1. I am still very curious about their eyeshadows! Have you had a chance to try any of those out?

  2. that looks really pretty on you! i think it would be kind of fun, not knowing what kind of pink it will be when you wear it :)

    1. Thanks! Yeah, it's supposed to be a pink that will compliment your skintone so even though it will be a surprise shade it should still look good!

  3. I have been using Bourjois Paris (its part of Chanel)for years even before it arrived in Canada.Used to purchase via ebay.
    I got this for a review/tester program (random selected)& not a fan of rose scent nor the pink shade. It reminded me of Mood matcher lipsticks back in the 80's. I do however like there foundations & eyeshadows very much.

    1. I do remember that mood lipstick! Yeah, I guess this gloss is a bit like that. One of these days I will have to test out one of their eyeshadows!


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