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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Confession post: Sephora.

I have a confession to make. Even though I have a Sephora literally 10 minutes from me, I rarely go in. (gasp!) There's  a couple reasons why. I've been getting a lot of products from my beauty boxes and I have been preoccupied with that and also because I don't like shopping malls all that much. The shopping part, yes, love, love, love. The mall part, not so much. I love to browse, take my time, look at everything, test stuff out, and most of the time the mall is just SO. DARN. BUSY. that it's just exhausting trying to wade through all the hoards of people to find stuff I like.

I love Sephora, but before I started my beauty box subs, I would always get overwhelmed when I went in. There was just so many products and brands, I would not know where to start. I also always ended up getting stuff that I wasn't thrilled about later.

But I've found that getting to know brands and products through the beauty boxes and having the opportunity to test many things out, has now made me a pretty savvy shopper when I do go to the mall. And Sephora is no longer overwhelming - as I know almost all of the brands, what they offer, what I like, etc.

So yesterday, my friend and I ventured into the mall, and stopped by Sephora (since we went at lunchtime during the week, it wasn't as busy as the dreaded weekend rush). Let me show you my mini-haul!

Benefit "How to Look the Best at Everything"; Sephora nail polish corrector pen; Benefit "Tan
About Town"; Beauty Insider birthday fresh Sugar Kisses Lip Duo

First, the Benefit!

Oooh, fun!
Benefit's How to Look the Best at Everything makeup kit ($36.00) looks like a little book and contains The PORE-fessional (7.5 ml); Hello Flawless brightening makeup (7 ml); Boi-ing concelear (01 and 02) and "Me, Vain?" Champagne powder (comes with a little brush). This kit comes in 3 shades (light, medium, dark) and is exclusive to Sephora. I have wanted this kit ever since I saw it reviewed in Chatelaine magazine -  it is going to be fun trying this out 'cause it's got everything a girl needs to create a nice base.

Tan about Town
with Hoola (open) and Some Kind-a Gorgeous (open)
Benefit's Tan about Town ($15.00) is such a sweet little kit! It includes a 4 g sample of BadGal lash; a 3 g sample of Hoola bronzer and a 1.8 g sample of Some kind-a gorgeous base. I've been curious about BadGal since I love They're Real mascara so much, and I have the Hoola gloss, so here's my chance to try out the matching powder.

Sephora nail polish corrector pen; fresh sugar kisses mini lip duo.
I threw in this Sephora nail corrector pen (0.13 fl.oz) because I do my nails enough to warrant it and it was on sale for the bargain price of one dollar.

Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday...wait...it's not my birthday. My birthday is in June...this is kinda overdue, no? Well, because I haven't ventured out to Sephora in who knows how long, I wasn't a beauty insider, either (another gasp!) So I signed up for the program, and even though I told the lady it was nowhere near my birthday, she included the fresh mini duo anyway! How nice of her :) One is a sugar lip treatment and the other is a rose tinted lip treatment. They smell so sweet too!

And that's my Sephora story. Now that I've finally signed up for the insider program, I'm also finally making my wishlist. I don't think I will wait nearly as long to go back this time...especially since I'm more familiar with  their product lines (thanks to the beauty boxes). I'll just try to go during the week, when the mall's not so busy. Who knows, maybe I'll even make V.I.B. ;)


  1. I have only gone into Sephora once and was so overwhelmed that I left the store and always walk by it when I am in the mall always saying I should venture in but never do.

    Since getting the beauty boxes I have fallen in love with Benefit products so that will now be my go to section.

    I am eyeing that How to look kit and perhaps might go and purchase that tomorrow.

    1. It's a really sweet little kit, and gives me the opportunity to try out The PORE-fessional. If you end up getting it, do a review too!

  2. Haha you have until the end of the year to spend $300 and become a VIB! I think I'm something like $150 away still. You got some amazing things, tell me what you think of the Some-Kind-A-Gorgeous base because I have a full size of it, but it makes my skin look really dry up close no matter the weather...

    Sephora is completely overwhelming so I totally hear ya, but now I feel like a makeup pro with our sample boxes and beauty blogging. We don't have to be afraid anymore!

    1. Definitely - beauty bloggers have got the power! ;) I will be testing all these things out over the next few weeks, and I will see if that base makes my skin look dry too; I have really dry skin to begin with so I hope it won't dry it out even more!

  3. I also grabbed the Tan About Town to try the mascara and bronzer. Love them both. I also live minutes away from Sephora but avoid because of the mall - too darn busy. And I always spend WAY too much money LOL. I want to try the How to Look kit as well.

    1. Cool! I'm excited for the Tan About Town - I almost didn't see it; it was hiding in a bin near the cash. It is SO easy to drop a bundle in that store, and quickly too!

  4. Bad Gal Lash is my absolute favouritest mascara only..EVER!!! I would die without it. Ok, maybe I wouldn't..but almost. :) Let me know what you think! I got my free they're real today with the SDM free kit for spending mucho dinero!

    1. Ooooh, I saw that kit at Shoppers - please do a review on that! I'm also going to try layering Bad Gal with They're Real - maybe I'll have a lash explosion :) But the bigger lashes, the better I say.

  5. I agree Sephora is very crowded that is why I order one line from them. I really like what you picked up.

    1. Thanks! I haven't tried an online order yet, how have you found it?

  6. Ohh, I love everything you got! <3 I adore Benefit and want to buy the "How to Look the Best at Everything"! Great post! :))



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