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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Julep + Breast Cancer Awareness

Today I received an email from Julep that detailed how in the month of October, they are donating to The Edith Sanford Breast Cancer Foundation, for National Breast Cancer Awareness month. I looked up the foundation, and they have a very interesting initiative - to store genetic information from women of all backgrounds in order to assess and assist individual women on their risk, prevention and treatment options.

When I first signed up to be a Maven back in February, I did take note that they were a company involved in charity work. Throughout the year, some of the proceeds from nail polish sales are donated to organizations that engage and empower women (through their Powered by Girlfriends campaign). I thought this was a great initiative, as ideally, companies should be responsive to their community, and supporting charities and organizations is certainly one way to do it.

Julep also collaborated with the Edith Sanford foundation on a graphic that encourages breast cancer awareness. They have asked Mavens to share this information, and in the spirit of preventing and eradicating breast cancer, I'm posting it here.

What really hit home for me on this infosheet is the sheer enormity of the statistics - one in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer. But, there's also a lot of hope - there are around 2.6 million survivors (U.S stats).

I'm glad Julep is involved in supporting causes and initiatives that especially help women. It's nice to know that, by virtue of being a Maven, I am giving my support too!

What is the most interesting fact to you on this infosheet? Did you know that Julep was involved in charitable support? Do you think this is one of the benefits of being a Maven?


  1. Great post and the info sheet is beautiful. As a Sanford doc I appreciate the love.


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