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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Julep Maven October Box - mostly treats, one trick!

This month was so hard to choose, but I ended up picking the American Beauty box and added on Boris and Nicole from the Classic with a Twist box and glow-in-the-dark Sofia from the add-on selections (this polish literally sold out in a day!) My add-on box actually came a day before my Maven box!

October American Beauty Julep Maven Box
I'm so excited for this box! (and yes, that candy corn was gobbled up). My favourite Halloween candy!

Julep Quick Dry Drops, Sabrina (orange crackle); Eloise (indigo cream); black and orange glitter pots
Swatches of Eloise, Sabrina and orange glitter pot
From R to L: Eloise with orange glitter, Eloise with Sabrina topcoat, Eloise. 
Closer view

I love this collection! The blue of Eloise is awesome - rich and deep and applies very smoothly. The orange crackle of Sabrina is excellent - I like this crackle better than my OPI and Nicole by OPI versions. It still lets the gorgeous shade of blue show through while giving it a fun accent. Speaking of accents (pardon the pun), the glitter is really neat - I just sprinkled some on the edge while the polish was still wet. I put quick dry drops on all three (my aesthetician uses a similar product) but these drops smell like licorice!

Time for the add-on's!

Boris and Nicole and Sofia 
L to R: Boris and Nicole; Sofia (with Kate as base).
Closer view
I initially thought that Boris and Nicole would be a bit more on the brown-golden side, but it is more like a deep reddish-brown. I still really like this colour for fall - it also applied really smoothly like Eloise. I layered two coats of Sofia over a coat of Kate (this was suggested by Julep for a brighter glow. I like the way it pops it in the daylight, and in the dark...

...it positively GLOWS. Sorry this pic is a bit blurry, it was hard to take a good picture in dim lighting. But you can see that it really does glow! Super cool and perfect for the season!

The October box for me was excellent - the last one I liked this much was all the glitters polishes in July. The formulas, ease-of-application, colours, styles (fun crackle and glow!) product (I will definitely be using those drops with my manis) and extras (glitter! Candy Corn!) made this a fantastic box full of treats (and I guess Sofia in the dark could be considered a trick :)

What box did you get this month?

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  1. i want a glow in the dark polish!!! looks like so much fun :)

    1. It was pretty cool when it started to glow. Excellent for Halloween too!

  2. I love Julep nail polish,though no more until next year or maybe a mystery box at christmas. Trying to stay away! Glad you enjoyed your box. I have Sofia for sale or trade for OhCanada? :)

    1. They probably will do a neat mystery X-mas box (maybe I'm just projecting - but it would be cool!) Sorry, Oh Canada is definitely a keeper for me, but see if anyone on the julep trade and ontario nail polish trade groups has it!

    2. Yes.. I got a mystery box last yr & was quite happy with it. I will check it out. Thanks

  3. I got this box as well and also ate the candy corn right away! I thought this was definitely one of the more fun Julep boxes with extras that I was not expecting!

    1. They could have just included say the candy corn...but 2 extra glitter pots is super nice!


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