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Sunday, October 28, 2012

October Wickedly Good Out of the Box Sampler

I actually received my October Out of the Box sampler weeks ago, but was unable to blog/try out any of the items until now. That's because one of the samples in this month's box was scented SO strongly that it overpowered the entire box and left me with massive headaches anytime I went near it. I isolated the item and got rid of it, and then I had to air out the rest of the box in the laundry room for about two and a half weeks! Thankfully, that scent is out of the rest of the items, so I am able to enjoy my box.

Unfortunately during this process (I had to unwrap all the little packages and put them in a separate bag) I'm not sure what items belong to what businesses, so I am posting pictures but won't go into a more thorough description of them. Though, some of the pictures have the company identified on the label and there is also a list on their website of all the companies that participated in this month's box,

October Out of the Box sampler
Opening it up
Soaps, sugar scrub and wax melt
Candles, fragrance. 
The little brown cone-shaped items in the back is what overpowered this box. I don't even know what it is - I couldn't look, it was just so incredibly potent. It smelled like clean linen/clean cotton, and quite honestly, I don't think I can ever buy that scent again - this has just turned me off of it so much.

Wax melt, bath tea and lotion
Decals, bottlecap fridge magnet, "Boo" earrings (these are cute, I wore them out to a Haunted Walk around
the city), eyeshadow (light purple and sparkly - very nice), pin.
I LOVE this! It's a cute little witch decoration :)
Picture cards and car air freshener 
The edibles bag: tea and candy ;)
So, there were actually many cute things in this month's box! I pretty much liked everything, except those potently scented cones. Good variety and gets me in the Halloween spirit!

Because of this experience, I have an important suggestion for handmade businesses. If you scent your products, PLEASE do not go overboard with the scent. It's just overwhelming for the consumer and also not really fair to the other businesses participating in a sampler box like this, as it will overpower their products as well. Also, if you compile sampler boxes and notice that a business has sent in samples that are way too smelly, PLEASE don't include them with the sample boxes. It just ends up making the entire box smell like that one product, and again, is not good for all the other businesses in that box. It also makes many of the edibles virtually inedible!


  1. How festive and fun! That is too bad about that overpowering scent. I'm glad that the other stuff in your box was able to come back to their original scents!

    1. Thankfully they did after a few weeks, because otherwise it was a really cute box!

  2. That looks like it might be those incense cones...what a bummer that happened.. it just ended up giving you a negative experience of that company which might have some milder smells anyways. This looks like such a fun box though!

    1. Very true! Overall it was a good box but holy smells on the cones! You're right, if they had some milder-smelling items they should have included those instead.

  3. Nice box.. yes the cones are incense.

    1. Ugh, I think I've been turned off incense cones for good! The rest of the box is great though.

  4. lol.. incense esp cones are really highly scented.


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