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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

September Beauty Box 5

Before I begin the BB5 post, I just wanted to apologize - I thought I mentioned the winner of my e.l.f. contest on the post itself but it wasn't there when I checked. Anyway, I'm sorry about that - I posted it again on the giveaway page and on my sidebar. Rafflecopter chose the winner - Belinda M. - she was notified and her package was sent out. Hope you are enjoying your makeup goodies, Belinda!

I actually checked that post when I found out I won someone else's giveaway - those totally awesome Fortune Cookie soaps from Beautiful Onyx and Mick! So excited - thanks so much Gen!

Now back to the subject of this post: It's the beginning of October, so time to check in on my September BB5!

What's inside
Another nice assortment of items this month.

NuMe Hydro Punch Shampoo (20 ml)
This is the only item in the box that I'm not thrilled about. I received this same sample in a past Topbox, and the texture of the shampoo is too runny for my liking. Also, it takes a good deal of product to lather and clean the hair. Full size is 8.45 oz and retails for $24.99.  BB5 also included that $100 coupon for hair-dryers, straighteners, etc. - same thing that was included in past Glymm and Topboxes. I'm not going to use it, since I used the code when I got it with Glymm and actually got a very nice mini-straightener, so if anyone wants it, just contact me.

Nastassja Skin Enzyme Facial Peel
This is a fun little facial peel mask. It's clear and smells like mango. Yum! This is a 0.25 oz sample, but the full size (2 oz) retails for $45! It's quick too - does the job in four minutes. I tried it out last night and it tingled when applied to my face, and then as I massaged it in after a few minutes it turned into a mild scrub. It left my face soft and smooth. I've never heard of this brand but what BB5 does best is introduce me to new products and brands.

Goat Haus Dairy Bath Melt
Ahh - this is awesome. I love treats for the bath and this is a lightly scented melt. I love using goat milk soaps and I also rely heavily on goat milk products in my daily life (milk, cheese, even yoghurt and ice cream!) because I can't digest cow's milk. Definitely a welcomed item in this box. This is a full size melt and retails for $2.50.

Silk Naturals eyeshadow in Magpie
BB5 has gotten better and better at including makeup items in every box. This is a loose mineral shadow in a gorgeous turquoise shade. I think this is a full size item -(0.18 oz) it retails for $4.00.

Swatch on hand
It swatches very light and sheer -hints of gold in there as well.

H. Wood Beauty Lip Shine in Rose
Another full sized item! It looks like a lipstick, but it definitely is a lipshine - it goes on very sheer and is super-moisturzing. Retails for $16.00

Swatch on hand - a lovely sheer pink
Swatch on lips - nice!
I do like this lipshine - very subtle, creamy, and great for everyday wear.

Even though I wasn't thrilled about the shampoo, I am excited for the other items in this box. Since I've been quite happy with BB5 for months now, I took the plunge and went off the month-to-month sub and got me a yearly sub. This was nerve-racking for me, as I always go month-to-month, in case I want to cancel. But I've been happy with them for awhile and there is significant savings by going the yearly option ($100/year compared to $144/year). Hope I made the right choice!

If you'd like to subscribe to BB5 (monthly, quarterly or yearly) considering using my referral link. If you'd rather not use the referral link, you can sign up for BB5 here.


  1. hey! we did our BB5 posts so close together ;) hehe
    it's nice to see what colors you got! Magpie looks really pretty. and i've never gotten off the month-to-month sub but BB5 is definitely doing pretty good. hmm i should consider it too!
    also another thing i should consider is goat's milk! i can't digest any dairy products in the morning and i always thought it may be because my stomach isn't fully "awake" yet and hasn't gotten the enzymes going. i wonder if it'd be different if i tried goat's milk!

    1. oh AND we both won Gen's giveaway! HIGH FIVE! :)

    2. I'm actually wearing Magpie today and it's really nice - not too turquoise but a wash of colour instead. Definitely try goat's milk. I find it way easier to digest than cow's milk (the latter gives me an upset tummy) - it just tastes a bit different. You'll get used to the taste, or stir in some chocolate syrup!

      And yeah, congrats on the contest win! Can't wait to see those soaps in person!

  2. I like this box as they have items I never heard of before.

    Great box I think

    Thanks for sharing

    1. BB5 always seems to send brands that I don't know about, but I get quickly hooked on the products. Glymm sends out new-to-me brands too, but I don't love as many of them as I do from this box.

  3. I have been thinking of subscribing to this. It seems like each month is pretty good. Hmm perhaps a bday gift to myself :)

    1. They have definitely gotten better over the months and I've noticed there is always a makeup item or two included now - which makes for a nice mix!

  4. considering how many beauty boxes i am currently subscribed to, i can't believe i am contemplating subscribing to BB5! it looks like it has improved a lot since it first came out and it's very reasonably priced!

    1. I had to make some cuts recently, as the beauty boxes were getting out of control, but BB5 is one that I kept. This little Texas company keeps getting better (hope it stays that way!)

  5. Looks like a fantastic box...and one that I think doesn't get enough attention! That lip shine looks gorgeous!!

    1. It's very nice - I like wearing subtle lip shades a lot; that's why I think I have so many glosses!

  6. some great products there! love that lip colour on you!



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