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Friday, November 30, 2012

NOTD: Julep O Canada and Donna

Just a quick NOTD to show: I layered Julep's O Canada over lovely peacock-blue Donna, and here's the result!

Pretty nice, eh? I love how the multicolour glitter of O Canada sets off and enhances that gorgeous shade of blue.

Do you own either of these colours? What Julep shades do you like to layer?


  1. Yes this did turn out super cute! I just love that blue!

    1. I actually got it off of the Julep trade group on facebook - when I saw swatches of it I totally should have added it on to my November box!

    2. I think I am going to need to cancel Julep soon...I have like 100 polishes now. :/ Not to mention how much of other brands I have.. :S


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