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Saturday, November 10, 2012

November Julep Maven box

Time for November's Julep Maven box!

Maven's Choice box
For all my talk about suedes, I ended up choosing the Maven's Choice box. I really wanted to try the Pink Grapefruit products, but still get my hands on the matte topcoat.

Pink Grapefruit Body Scrub + Mitt/Towel Set
This Pink Grapefruit scrub smells yummy - very fruity and juicy. It has sugar and shea butter - which I love 'cause it will leave skin very moisturized afterwards. The mitt is to help apply the scrub, but I'm still a bit confused about the towel; it's made of the same type of material, so wouldn't just the mitt do?

Matte Top Coat, Trina (deep purple); 3 acetone polish remover pads
I hope Julep sells these polish remover pads in a little pack. They are incredibly convenient (especially when doing your nails at the cottage!) and I find really good for removing glitter polish.

Swatches of Trina and Trina with Matte Top Coat
Close up
The Matte top coat rocks! It works even better than my Gosh matte top coat (which I lent to my aesthetician...she can keep it!) Trina is a very dark, glossy purple - I love how more of the purple comes out when it's matte. I do like this colour, but I'm still gaga over the purple that is OPI's Tomorrow Never Dies.

I'm still waiting on my add-on, Pink Grapefruit body butter as I always like my bath and body products to compliment each other.

Overall, happy with the November box, but if the sneak peeks from their holiday shop are any indication, I'm thinking there will be some festive glitters to lust over next month!

If you'd like to join Julep Maven, consider using my referral link. First box 50% off with code MAVEN50. Or if you'd prefer not to use my link, sign up here.


  1. My mom got her box and I'm stilling waiting for mine! I don't know what's taking so long! I'm also expecting two add-on! I really really hope I get mine this week. The body scrub looks awesome!

    1. What!? You should definitely have gotten yours already...what is up with the mail? I got my body butter add-on and I used the scrub and butter - it's really nice and the scrub itself leaves skin really moisturized. I love the scent too - juicy and fruity!


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