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Sunday, November 4, 2012

October Beauty Box 5

I recently switched my BB5 subscription from monthly to yearly. This is the first time I've done this with a beauty sub, and I did it because BB5 has been consistently impressing me for months. Instead of $12/month, the yearly fee is $100, (U.S. - but when I signed up the dollar was still at par) which works out to $8.33/month. That's great savings - and it's the only box I know this way that you can get for under $10/month!

What's in the October box?

Tricks of the Trade Box
Product Card
As you can see from the card, this month's box is themed "Tricks of the Trade". Cute.

Margania Organic Argan Oil
Excellent! Even though this is a little vial, I love Argan oil so I'm happy to see this in the box. The full size retails for $32 (2 fl oz).

Goat Haus Dairy Lip Balm 
This is a full size balm, worth $2.50. Goat Haus Dairy sent a bath melt in last month's box; I wish they would have waited another month or so before including another item from the same company, but regardless, this is a really nice balm with a hint of shimmer. My only caveat is that even though it's full size, only half the tube is filled with product.

City Lips lip plumper

This is a tiny, 1.5 ml tube of City Lips Lip Plumping gloss in the colour Sin City (kind of a sparkly gold). It smells yummy, like vanilla. I tried it out, and man, oh man I really felt it plump! Really happy with this product, but it is a bit pricey, the full size retails for $32 (5ml). BB5 included a 20% code with purchase, so that's a plus.

Shiny and plump!
Lash Card Mascara Shield
2 lash cards included
Aaaah - the dreaded Lash Cards! These little cards are used for curling, separating and preventing mascara smudges, but at $6.99 for a pack of 10, they are really just overpriced little pieces of cardboard. Michelle Phan has an excellent tutorial on how to basically create your own with business cards. Or, just use one of these Lash Card samples, get some lightweight cardboard and trace - make as many as you want! Beauty DIY for sure ;)

Furlesse Elevens anti-wrinkle patch
This is actually a pretty interesting little product. Furlesse elevens are little clear patches that you apply on your frown lines (between the eyes) while you sleep, and when you wake up you'll see fewer fine lines.

Three patches included
How neat! This product really does correspond to the Tricks of the Trade theme of the box. I will be interested to put these babies to the test! Full size is 30 patches for $19.99.

Show Stoppers Fashion Tape
The last item in October's BB5 box also really fits the Tricks of the Trade theme. ShowStoppers Fashion Tape is a purse-sized pack of double sided tape. ($9.99 for 24 strips). I have a roll of double sided tape I use for fashion emergencies at home, but it is a bit awkward to take it with me. This is a great idea - pop it in your purse and be ready if a button pops, a hem comes down, etc. I am glad they included this sample in the box, as I have a feeling it will save me from some fashion disaster in the future!

BB5 also included a $100 Nu Me gift certificate towards styling tools - I think this might be the fourth time I got this card?!

Overall, I thought this was a unique box, and I liked how they chose products to match the theme (the only product that I don't think really matches is the lip balm, but it is a nice balm in any case). I did get those pesky lash cards, but it was probably only a matter of time, as I've seen these in various U.S. beauty boxes and also in Glymm. I hope BB5 does another theme box; it's definitely a cool concept.

If you are looking to try BB5 on for size, consider using my referral link. You can also go here, if you'd rather not use my link.


  1. This is one subscription I have yet to subscribe to. Hmm perhaps in the New Year when I figure out what boxes I want to cancel. I always seems to be consistent.

    1. It is a good value - but I agree, in order not to get overwhelmed with these boxes it's a good idea to cancel some first. Otherwise it is so easy to have like a dozen subs!

  2. This is an interesting assortment of products, I should consider getting some of that double sided tape in the travel packs!


    1. It probably is the most practical thing I've gotten in a beauty box! Great for emergencies; I know I've had my share :(

  3. I just upgraded from quarterly to yearly so yay for giving BB5 more of our money!

    1. It is the best value for sure! Just a little nervous for being locked in for a year...hope they continue to be consistent and don't pull a Glymm.


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