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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Preview: December Julep Maven

December selections
It's the 20th of the month which means it's Julep Maven preview time! For December, it's all about the glitter (all images from julep.com)

Here are the swatches of all the available colours this month

Let's see what's in each box!

American Beauty - Patti (black glitter); Julia (orchid metallic shimmer) and Warming Foot Scrub

Boho Glam - Jordan (gunmetal glitter); Petra (magenta shimmer) and Warming Foot Scrub

Bombshell - Hilary (copper glitter); Cindy (emerald metallic shimmer) and Warming Foot Scrub

Classic with a Twist - Barbara (magenta glitter); Scarlett (red metallic shimmer) and
Warming Foot Scrub

IT Girl - Vivien (champagne glitter); Ivy (sapphire metallic shimmer); Harper (mermaid blue glitter)

Holiday Nail Wardrobe (the polishes from all 5 box profiles + Warming Foot Scrub
(extra $30)

Julep also now shows how the polishes look on both light and dark skintones (awesome):

American Beauty
Boho Glam
Classic with a Twist
IT Girl

If you can't get enough of this month's styles, you can also go hog-wild with your add-on selections as well. Add-on any individual polish from the December collection to your shipment for $4.99 each, the Warming Foot Scrub for $9.99, a bottle of Julep nail therapy for $5.99 or a set of ten polish remover packettes for $4.99 (samples of this was in November's Maven box). Or what if you just NEED. MORE. GLITTER. NOW!

Glitter and Glow collection
For the first time, you can add on a whole 'nother set to your order. This Winter Collection boasts 5 polishes: Colby (citrine green glitter); Lucy (burgandy cream); Sharon (red shimmer); Kathleen (champagne shimmer); Carly (malibu blue glitter). This set is an additional $19.99 as an add on, or if you're giving these as presents, you can add on three of these sets for $59.99 or even add-on five of these sets for $79.99. (If you just want to purchase any of the colours individually, these can be added on for $4.99 each). There's a max of 3 add-ons and this month there is so much selection.

Honestly, I think Julep really outdid themselves with the December Maven boxes. I knew it was going to be big and shiny, but there is so much here (unless you're a cream polish girl). But in terms of colours they've got the whole kit n' caboodle. Each of the boxes look amazing so it's going to be so hard to choose; this might be the first month I upgrade the whole collection.

*Update* How did I forget to mention this - Julep posted about a week ago in a facebook preview that every Maven box will include a DIY Cabochon ring - choose your favourite colour and make it into jewellery! (Apparently, I read somewhere that the little prongs should fold down - so it shouldn't poke someone's eye out ;)

DIY ring

Which Maven box do you like best? Add-on's? What do you think of the Winter Collection add-on? The DIY ring?

And if you're not a Maven yet, join in the fun. Consider using my referral link, or if you prefer not to you can sign up here. Intro box is only a penny, use code COLOR2012 at checkout.


  1. AHHHHH too many to list that i want - Hilary, Barbara, Julia... oh my.

  2. Loving the Bombshell set.. So pretty

    1. It is fantastic - that emerald green is a personal fave!

  3. I couldn't resist December's box, especially since there's a polish with my name!

    1. Oh yeah! That is quite cool :) Do you like purple? It's one of my favourite colours!

  4. I was planning on skipping this month.. but the colours are just so beautiful I couldn't resist! I went with American Beauty and I am super excited to get it!

    1. I don't think you can go wrong with any of the boxes this month - spot on for the holidays :)

  5. *sssiiiiggghhh* I upgraded to the whole collection, and all 3 sparkley add ons (not lucy or sharon) I didn't notice I could have got the second set for 19.99 otherwise I would have... ugh. Oh well..I think I have to cancel julep because they're killing me!

    1. This month I did get the whole collection too - first time for that but from what I've been seeing, people have been really happy with it! I know - they are also running so many good pre-Christmas deals - look away!


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