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Friday, November 2, 2012

Swatch of Tomorrow Never Dies - OPI Skyfall Collection

My aesthetician is more like one of my friends. I go on a monthly basis for a mani/pedi and it's great to get an overhaul of my hands and feet, which I can then better maintain throughout the month. Girly gossip session included!

When I went in a few days ago, she mentioned that she picked up a new polish that she just had to try on me - Tomorrow Never Dies, from the OPI Skyfall Collection. (Check it out on Nail Polish Canada). It's a gorgeous deep purple-blue, and a great break from all the Halloween manis I've been doing over the month (blue with orange crackle, orange with black crackle, slate with orange crackle and glow in the dark!) Check  out this shade!

Natural light
Indoor light
This polish can go from looking deep blue with hints of purple to royal purple with hints of blue, depending on the light. It's a gorgeous colour, and one that I can't stop looking at on my hands! I am so tempted to get a bottle of this, but I know I'm getting a purple in my November Julep Maven box (Trina) which is definitely not the same purple but I need to try that out first.

I also showed this to my husband - he normally doesn't really care what colour I do my nails, but I mentioned that this was Tomorrow Never Dies..."from the Skyfall Collection. You know, James Bond?" He seemed slightly more interested at this point, I think because he's been dying to see that movie! ;) It does look really cool, and Daniel Craig makes an excellent Bond (yummy!)

What do you think of this shade? What other colours do you like in the Skyfall collection?


  1. gorgeous color! is the movie coming out soon?

  2. I cannot wait to get my first Skyfall polish (this one is on my list!) and see the movie! Daniel Craig, as beautiful as he is, was such a great choice for the role. I thought he wouldn't be better than Pierce Brosnan, but he has become my favourite! He brings such a darkness to 007 which I think gives the movies more depth.

    1. It's so true! I thought no one could top Pierce Brosnan, but I was wrong. You'll love this colour :)

  3. I just saw the movie this past weekend. I loved it! And totally want to get the entire 007 OPI collection now :)
    And to be perfectly honest, I didn't really think Pierce Brosnan was the top Bond. I am kinda a Sean Connery Loyalist. Daniel Craig actually does a really great job as Bond. Very believable. I don't like it when they make James Bond too light or try to be too funny (Roger Moore). As you can tell, I have probably seen almost all the James Bond films, lol


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