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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

December Ipsy Glam Bag

I feel like Canada Post has just rounded up this month's beauty boxes and delivered them all to me in one shot! Except my Topbox. That box hasn't moved for days, but I know the post office is overloaded this time of year so I'm not too concerned. If you get packages on a regular basis, consider giving a holiday card/Tim Hortons/Starbucks/Subway gift card or something of the sort to your postman/woman; I'm sure they'd appreciate the gesture!

Now onto my December Ipsy (MyGlam) bag!

The bright pink mailer 
Product card (festive!)
Just Fab/ipsy collab
Again this month is a JustFab/ipsy collaboration and promo code. This is another code for new member only, so if you are looking to sign up, consider using my referral link (thanks so much to those of you who have signed up through my link already!) The promo code IPSYFAB will get you $20 off your purchase - to see all the shoes and purses that the ipsy girls are wearing, it's under the "Collections" tab. This code expires Jan 31/2013.

Now to the glam bag...

December glam bag
Oooh, I like this month's bag. Simple, sleek, understated. Very chic!

Inside the bag
Wow - this looks fabulous! Let's check everything out.

Mai Couture Highlighting Paper
The papers (in a little book!)

How-to use
I am familiar with Mai Couture from various past Glymm boxes (yes boxes, not bags :)  When I received a sample of their bronzing paper, Glymm only sent two little sheets and my main gripe was that it wasn't enough of a sample to properly test it out, I would have liked a few more sheets. But ipsy has solved that issue with a 25 (!) sheet booklet of highlighting papers in the shade St. Barts. Now that's what I call a deluxe sample! There is lots here to test it out many times, which is key when deciding on a product for potential future purchase.

Mirabella Face/Eye Primer
Another amazing size - 12.85 grams of Mirabella Prime (for Face/Eye). I'm actually surprised how fast I've been going through my primers; I use both face and eye primer in the morning and I find it really helps to cut down mid-day shine on my T-zone and keeps creases out of my eyeshadow. This product though can be used on both face and eyes, which is a great concept.

So far so good ipsy!

NYX Ultra Pearl Loose eyeshadow

Swatch of NYX shadow
Yay for NYX! I wasn't too sure about this colour "Charcoal Pearl", but when I swatched it on my hand, I thought it was quite pretty - a lovely shimmy grey. I bet it would look great mixed with the golds and blues of the Starlooks palette. Because this is loose, it can also be used for nails; I saw on the ipsy facebook page a picture of the shadow blended into a reddish base polish and it looked fantastic!

Urban Decay 24/7 glide on pencil
I am liking UD more and more. When I was browsing at Sephora on Black Friday (yes it was the same time the associate didn't know what the Balm was) I was looking quite a bit at the Urban Decay display - their blushes look really nice too. This eyeliner looks a lot like the MUFE liner that was the highlight of my November Topbox, and so black liner will always have a home in my makeup case :)

Be a Bombshell lipgloss in Hot Mess
Last but not least, a very merry lipgloss in the colour "Hot Mess" (love that name!)

This gloss packs a punch with colour. It is also soft and moisturzing. It has more pigment than my Breaking Dawn red lipgloss, and almost as much red as my Tarte LipSurgence. I think this was a great pick to add in the bag for the holidays.

Overall, what a bag! A great variety of products in this all-makeup bag, and I especially like the sizes - these are most definitely fun, deluxe (or full) sized samples! ipsy is starting to give other beauty boxes a run for their money; so far I'm very impressed with the service.

Did you get a glam bag this month? What do you think of this bag?

If you'd like to sign up for ipsy's glam bag go here (this is a non-referral link). Price is $10/month - free shipping in the U.S., $4.95/month shipping for Canada.


  1. Absolutely love Ipsy :) Every product in this bag was great, and last month I enjoyed everything as well (except the eyeliner).

    1. I find I do reach for last month's Starlet eyeliner frequently - what was your experience with it?

  2. I just got my first Ipsy bag today. I got pretty much same items as yours except my NYX loose shadow is a pearl/pink color. My bag was stuck at Canadian transit for a whole week without moving. I was so worried but luckily got cleared.

    1. Ooh, pink - that would be really nice as well! This was a bag worth waiting for.

  3. Ipsy keeps looking better and better!

    1. It looks that way - if they can keep this up it will be at the top of my faves list!

  4. Replies
    1. An all-makeup bag is usually a rarity in the beauty box world (except for Starlooks), so it's a real treat!

  5. Looks like a really great bag. It seems like they really take time to think about what they want to go into the bag!


    1. Based on comments from past bags (and especially when they were myglam) I think they have grown a lot and worked out many of the issues when they were just starting up. I do hope it continues to be this way!

  6. Another great box from Ipsy!
    Keeps looking better and better!

    1. They definitely started on the right foot when first shipping to Canada!

  7. i got the exact same box as you! same NYX pigment... i wasnt too sure of the color either but your swatch looks pretty. i love how much makeup is in it... very excited to try everything.

    1. Yeah, give it a swatch and I think you'll be pleasantly surprised; I wasn't sure about the pigment until I first tried it out. It is a huge sample!


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