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Monday, December 17, 2012

December Starlooks Starbox!

Oooh, so this is the big one! Starlooks shipped their December Starboxes early so subscribers would receive it before Christmas (nice touch!) As you may recall, the November Starbox had everything to make a nice neutral base. And this December Starbox is the pop of colour (lights on the Christmas tree :) to create a bright and festive look.

This month's Starbox (festive red)
Happy Holidays (with glitter)
Those glitter pieces look nice but do tend to get a bit messy when taking the product out of the box. But it sure is festive!

The palette!
This month there is only one item in the Starbox - a fifteen shade full-size eye shadow palette that retails at $99!

Gorgeous shades!
I received the palette i07A and according to the product card, the inspiration was from Christmas tree lights (see, I was right about "lighting" up your face earlier ;)  and the looks created follow the rule of the colour wheel - complimentary colours (click on the December LooksBook for highlights).

Swatched: The reds and purples
Swatched: The blues and greens
Swatched: The yellows/golds
I'm really loving those gold shades! Though the whole palette in general is quite fun to play around with.

Even though I knew what would be coming in this December Starbox for a few months, it was still somewhat of a surprise to open it up and see all those gorgeous shades. The only thing that was missing from this box was the quartz crystals - hope they make a return in the January box.

If you'd like to subscribe to Starbox, you can do so at this page (if you're in the U.S.) international orders must call or email. $15/month plus shipping.

What do you think of this Starbox? Do you like how they sent one big item this month, or do you like to see several smaller items in beauty boxes?


  1. Absolutely gorgeous palette! The colours look very versatile and like a lot of fun! You are going to be one very colourful TA!

    1. Lol :) don't I know it! I will definitely be looking to the Looksbook for some inspiration.


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