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Friday, December 28, 2012

December Topbox review

This is the latest I've ever done my Topbox post, but I'm a bit behind on posts due to the Christmas season. Also, it took 7 days to get to me! (5 of those days it was just sitting in a Canada Post warehouse). I know the post office is extremely busy this time of year, so I don't really blame them, and now that I've had it for awhile I got to try out all the items so I can tell you what I think!

Festive red tissue paper

December Topbox products
This month I received Murad AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser; Goldwell Jelly Boost; Ferro Cosmetics Blush and Chloe Eau de Parfum.

Murad Cleanser (30 ml sample)
This is actually a really nice cleanser; you just wet your face and massage the scrub in, then rinse. It has a really gentle exfoliant in it, so it doesn't feel too harsh on skin, and it isn't heavily scented. This is a good sized sample, the full size is 200 ml for $35.

Goldwell Jelly Boost (30 ml sample)
I wasn't so sure about this product when it arrived - spray gel? Really? But I gave it a go and quite liked it - I used it as indicated on the directions (spray on towel-dried hair), then blowdried and it made my hair feel thicker and defined my waves. I also like how this product doesn't have a strong scent. Full size is 150 ml for $18.95.

Chloe Eau de Parfum (5 ml sample)
Several months ago a mini Chloe body lotion came in a Topbox. In this box came the actual perfume, and I have to say I like it better than the lotion. I put this on and it lasted for about half the day before it started to fade. Full sizes are 50 ml for $90 or 75 ml for $115.

Ferro Cosmetics Blush sample
This is a mini-sample of Ferro's blush times 3 (for cheeks, eyes, lips). I would only use it as a blush though, as that what this pigment looks like to me. I received the colour Bashful. This sample has a few issues - one it is less than half full and two, it needs a sifter! Otherwise when it's opened, pigment spills everywhere. Barring these problems, it is a good colour and lasts all day on cheeks. The full size of this retails for $20.

Swatch on hand (pardon my reddish hand! I had just come in from out
of the cold)
I know many subscribers expressed disappointment with this particular Topbox. Initially, I had a similar reaction, as the products included don't look like much at first, and don't really have any rhyme or reason as to why they were included. But after trying them all out, I have to say that I do like these products, especially the jelly boost (which I thought I would hate) and the cleanser.

One big thing is the packaging; I do think that Topbox could have made this box a little more festive, - either through the product card, how it was packaged or what was included. Also, I feel this box should reflect the price increase ($10 to $12 monthly) through an extra sample or maybe have the blush be filled up more than halfway.

Topbox has recently announced that they will be offering a Prive box. Here's what the email said about this box.

"Starting in 2013, we will be introducing the Privé Box™. Each Privé Box will showcase a selection of products from one featured brand. As a Topbox member, you get exclusive or priority access to these boxes. We are very excited to announce that you will all receive our first Privé Box this January, from one of the world's most iconic beauty brands.

Like our monthly Topboxes, the Privé Boxes will be customized when applicable. Hence, we recommend that you update your basic Beauty Profile, especially if your beauty needs and sense of style are evolving."

So I guess we'll see what the beauty brand is come January, and how this new Prive box stacks up to the regular Topbox!

What did you get in your Topbox this December? What did you think of it? Thoughts on the new Prive box?


  1. I wasn't too impressed with mine...although I was also pleasantly surprised with the Jelly Boost as well!

    1. It's a pretty nice product - I like how it instantly makes my hair feel thicker when dry, especially since I have very thin and fine hair.

  2. I wasn't too impressed with my top box either. I wish I would have got the Chloe, mine was filled with stuff that wasn't right for my skin so I'm with you hoping the Prive box is better.

    1. Yeah we'll see what that's all about really soon I guess! Did you happen to get the acne-prevention serum and don't have breakout-prone skin? I saw on some other unboxings this happened.


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