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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Festive NOTD's!

Happy Boxing Day everyone! Did you get up bright and early to scope out the deals? There's lots going on online if you don't want to venture out - go to your favourite store's website and see what's on sale :) If you celebrate Christmas I hope you had a great day filled with family, merriment and presents [my husband actually got me two polishes - I didn't think I'd get any beauty-related gifts (since I have so much already) but there was Essie Mademoiselle and Essie Turquoise and Caicos tucked away in my stocking!]

So I wanted to share with you two NOTD's I rocked so far during this Christmas season.

First is an easy Christmas mani using two polishes from my December Julep Maven box - Scarlett (red shimmer) and Harper (green glitter).

Gorgeous shades!

Scarlett is an absolutely gorgeous shimmy, candy apple red and I like the contrast with Harper (green base with green glitter and tiny flecks of blue, which I think it gives it more dimension.) I also like how with a topcoat (I used Out the Door), Harper is smooth, not bumpy like many other all-glitter polishes.

Obviously, this mani would work with other red/green polishes, but if possible try to mix up textures to keep it fresh (and a little funky!)

The second is Kelara Lacquers Festivus (yes, from Seinfeld). Kelara Lacquers is an wonderful little indie polish company that sells on Etsy; Festivus (multi-glitter) is from their holiday collection - "Festivus for the Restofus!"

Cute little bottle!

I love this multi-glitter!

This is a standout polish that sparkles like mad under the Christmas lights! It's one of those polishes where the multicoloured glitter makes you want to keep staring at your nails - it definitely catches your eye. I think this is a really fun choice for the holiday season.

What polishes did you reach for/are you wearing over the holidays? And what do you think would make a great New Year's Eve mani?


  1. I really love the first look. Very holiday themed. The second is perfect for new years eve.

    Happy New Year

    1. I think any glitter really is great for New Years (it screams celebrate)! Happy New Year to you too Cindy!

  2. Very festivus!! I have yet to try my December Maven box polishes, but Scarlett and Harper look great!

    1. I just put on Vivien and Ivy today and that's another great combo - the December box is quite the winner!


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