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Thursday, December 20, 2012

January Julep Maven Preview

I know I literally JUST got the December box (which I'm still pouring over - have tried out Harper and Scarlett, gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!) But it is the 20th, which means it's Julep preview day. Here's what's coming in January (all images from julep.com).

Your January selections
Neons and nudes, oh my!

American Beauty - Mindy (pink sheer); Bethany (neon orange)
Hand and Cuticle stick

Boho Glam - Teresa (pink pearl); Fiona (lime neon);
Hand and Cuticle Stick

Bombshell - Ava (ballet pink); Bette (neon purple);
Hand and Cuticle Stick

Classic with a Twist - Grace (light pink); Madison (neon pink);
Hand and Cuticle stick

IT Girl - Nina (orange neon); Nikki (yellow neon); Amelia (champagne frost)

Julep Escape Nail Wardobe (+30) all 11 colours + Hand and Cuticle Stick

Hmmm, let's see the swatches...

American Beauty
Boho Glam
Classic with a Twist
IT Girl

Left: Neons swatched over Eileen (white base); Right: all the nudes this month on one hand.

For add-on's this month, you can choose from any of this month's colours ($4.99 each), Eileen (white base - $4.99); the Hand and Cuticle stick ($9.99); set of 10 polish remover packettes ($4.99 - these actually work really well); set of 3 "swatch me" stickers ($4.99) and 3 different polish sets collections - Sand and Seashells, Bora Bora and Fiji Lagoon (each set is $14.99).

Add-on: Sand and Seashells (Emmanuelle, Emma, Hayden)

Add-on: Bora-Bora (Taylor, Renee, Mandy)

Fiji Lagoon (Courteney, Robin, Blake)

Add on: "Swatch Me" stickers - to organize your Julep polishes

My verdict? Lots to choose from this month, but for me, the colours I actually wear the least are nudes and neons! I like how they gave a resort-y feel to the selections (those neons brighten up a winter day!) and if I was going down south this winter, I might be tempted to add some neon to my nails. The nudes though are really similar, so I don't think getting the whole collection would be for me. I actually like the add-on polish sets a bit better than the Maven box selections this month! I do think the swatch me stickers are a neat idea, but not something I need at this time. I think my December box (and that New Year's mystery box) will see me through January, so I don't think I will get a Maven box this month. 

What do you think of the January selections? Are nudes/neons your favourites? Any add-on's caught your eye?

*UPDATE* If you skipped the month (like I did), Julep is offering a deal to get either the Bora Bora set, the Sand and Seashells set or a Beach-ready pedi prep set (includes Sicilian Blood Orange foot soak, a bottle of  their acetone-free polish remover and two toe separators) - for $19.99 (each). Check it out here

Want to join and become a Julep Maven? I have a referral link you can use here, if you'd rather not use that sign up here instead. Code PENNY2012 will get you the first box for a penny!


  1. I also skipped this month box as well. I saw no need to get nude or neon nail polish.

    1. I was also thinking that those who like sheer shades may not like brights and vice-versa - I would have liked to see a Maven's choice - perhaps one with two nude shades and another with two neons and the cuticle stick.

  2. I love the colours - IT Girl - Nina (orange neon); Nikki (yellow neon); Amelia (champagne frost)though I did skip this month.
    I did order the mystery box & can't wait to see whats in that box in the new year 2013.

    1. I'm looking forward to that mystery box as well - at least $100 worth of product! Awesome! Post yours when you get it!

  3. I have all the add on colours except Renee. I thought I decided to skip this month, now I'm not sure..but I think that's just the OCD collector in my mind. I have to keep saying it will be okay, it will be okay. If I keep skipping I can just buy mystery bags a couple times a year and I won't have the colours! I don't like nudes for the same reason as you..they all start to look the same. however boho glam nude looks amazing on the darker skin tone!

    1. I usually only purchase the mystery box's & I am sure these colours will be in them soon. :)

    2. Skip! It's totally ok - and marsbar is right, future mystery boxes will probably have some of these colours.

    3. though I know some will be happy with these colours & some not..

    4. Yeah, this definitely happens every month, but looking at the Julep facebook page, it looks like a lot of people skipped January (but that could also be because of low funds post Christmas).

    5. Yes.. prob alittle of both.Neon are Spring 2013 - not everyone r into them.stores are already coming out with spring clothes & lots of brights.

    6. It does brighten up the short days (but I do wish it was warmer already!)

  4. I skipped this month as well. Once you have one yellow neon, you don't need another so I'll just wait for February's Maven Box!


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