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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

November Beauty Box 5

Well it's the beginning of December - time to see what came in my November BB5!

Inside the box

Contents of the November BB5 box
 Let's go through the goodies!

Cetaphil Lotion

 This is a cute little bottle of Cetaphil moisturizing lotion. Cetaphil has long been recommended by beauty experts and professionals (especially their cleanser) as it is gentle and effective. This sample is 1 oz; full size is 8 oz for $8.99.

Swagger Eyeshadow
 Gorgeous glittery gold eyeshadow by Swagger (a vegan company). I'm not sure of the size of this product - could be full size or close to full size (5 grams for $9.50).

Swatch of the shadow
Oooh, I love it! I don't think I have a metallic shade that is this pigmented.

Global Goddess Face Primer
Two sample packettes of Global Goddess Upgrade Complexion Face Primer. I'm not totally thrilled with the packaging, but I do use face primer every day so these'll get used up quickly. Full size retails for $22.95 (1.70 fl oz)

Envie De Nuef Eye Mask

 This is an anti-aging eye mask - it is supposed to be placed under the eyes and left on for 15 min. Similar concept to the Masker-Aid masks - and I really liked the sample of that I received in a Topbox, so I'm looking forward to trying this out. Full size is 10 masks for $30.

Model Co. Lip Shine 
This is a full size ($16 for 14 fl oz) lipgloss from Model Co. in the colour "Striptease". Ooh la la! Probably because it's a very sheer nude colour.

Swatch of gloss
It smells like candy (Pez I think) and I love the shade, the only thing I don't like is it's a bit sticky.

Product Card
What I really like about BB5 is they are getting really good about offering discounts for many of the products in the box each month. For example, those eye masks are pricey, but if you like it, use the code for 50% off! $15 sounds a lot better than $30!

They also included two physical coupons in this month's box - a $1.00 off coupon for Cetaphil and a $10 coupon card to MyNameNecklace.com.

Overall, I think this was a good box; a good product selection and I will definitely use all of the items this month! So far so good on the yearly option :)

If you'd like to join BB5, consider using my referral link. Sub options are $12/month, $30/quarter or $100/year - definitely the best value I've found in any beauty box for the price. If you prefer not to use my link, you can join here.


  1. I got a blue shade of the eyeshadow that seems to be dried up (won't come out :/) which kind of depressed me.. and I got a hair oil by the same company instead of primer. I used one of the packets on my hair and then rinsed it, and it left my hair looking totally stringy and gross, so I had to rewash it :( The gloss is also the same one from the Glossybox duo a couple of months ago, but I like it anyway so I'm happy with that at least.

    1. Too bad that the hair product and shadow didn't work out so well for you; it does suck when you are excited to try a sample and it just doesn't work! Did you get the mask? Have you tried that?

    2. Got the mask, but haven't tried it yet, but it does look promising. It was my first BB5 so I'm hoping that December's will be a better fit for me! Bad luck!

  2. It was an okay box. I don't think I really like the gold colour of shadow..I think I got the same one as you. I find the value of the gloss interesting compared to the value of the lip duo. GB claims it's $20 more? This gloss is triple the size of the other one..so with the lipstick they should be about the same..?

    1. Oh yeah - I see from your post that it was a lipstick/gloss combo - and that's a really high price point they put on it! Seems kind of odd that a combo product would be so much more...sometimes I don't know if the prices that are on the product cards are all that accurate (for example, I've seen the retail value of China Glaze at $12 - and I've never seen it that high in a store).

  3. Aww.. this box is disappointing..not much this month

    1. I'm actually still liking it...as I know I will be using all 5 samples which doesn't always happen. But definitely, different people have different preferences and what works for me might not be someone else's cup of tea.

    2. Very true.. glad you are liking your box :)

  4. My eyeshadow is a shimmery blue, so not quite as wearable as yours, but very fun!

    1. I'll look for the swatch on your blog :) Congrats on reaching 500 followers too!

  5. i just got mine and i got a hair treatment instead of the primer and a blue green eyeshadow :)
    i think it's alright... not going to use the lipgloss though since i already have it from Glossybox!

    1. Yeah, too bad that the gloss is a dupe - but I'm sure you could trade it!

  6. I love Cetaphil lotions, the soap not so much though.


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