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Thursday, December 6, 2012

November Starlooks Starbox

Way back in September (I think it was) when I found out that the November Starbox by Starlooks was customizable, I have been anticipating it ever since!

Oooh, leopard print box! How fun.
I love how Starlooks changes up the Starbox print every month - I think this is my favourite so far!

Again, a card hinting what will be coming in the December Starbox (they are actually mailing these boxes early so we will get them for Christmas!)

Inside the November box ("Base for your Face")
Eyeshadow Base Quad
I thought for sure we were going to get a face powder as the customizable item, but when I realized what this quad was, I was just as pleased. I'm going to refer to the product card to best explain this.

"This month, we've provided the base for your face...Have you heard of a prime look? It's a look that ALL faces can wear, and is discernible by skin tone...A prime look is the base makeup everyone needs to create the flawless, skin-like contour before any 'colour' is applied.

Always apply the top left colour in your palette as your highlight under the brow and/or on the lid. Apply the top right colour all over the lid and eye as a base. The bottom left goes into the crease, and the bottom right can create the perfect eye corner.

When you apply this prime combo correctly, you will see the contour of your eye is perfectly chiselled  you will see a flawless skin glow, and the beautiful  and unique shapes and shadows of your face will be enhanced. Starlooks believes that with the perfect "Prime Look" your best facial features will shine like a Star."

I like that last bit :) I always use primer before putting on shadow, but this takes it to a whole 'nother level (if you get that MAD TV reference ;)

Swatches of the base shadows
I think this is a great concept, and I heard that this was put in as preparation for the palette that's to come in the December box! I saw on their facebook page that some girls had issues with the palette because the little pans are loose in the tray and during shipping some of them did not arrive intact. Thankfully, mine arrived a-ok! If you get a November Starbox and the shadows arrive in pieces - contact Starlooks directly as I hear they will send out replacements.

Tender Gloss lipstick in Cream Caramel (and the quartz crystals)
This month's box also included a nude-coloured tender gloss lipstick, also to help create that flawless base. This is a lipstick/gloss combo product, so it is soft and moisturizing.

Very nice!
This lipstick pairs perfectly with the shadows, and I do love nude tones. (I remember on a flight once I bought a Clinique 3-pack of lipsticks when the duty-free came around and the nude shade out that box got worn until it was just a little stub. Going off-topic a bit more, I am still waiting to get Bobbi Brown's shimmer brick in duty free (specifically the bronze). The one time they had it, I didn't get it and could just kick myself. I know I could probably just get it in Sephora, but for some reason I associate duty-free with that shimmer brick and just don't want to get it anywhere else!)

Anyway, back to the Starbox!

What. Is. This.?
The last item in the box left me quite confused - then I read the product card. It is a reusable mascara guide/applicator - awesome, because it replaces those (bad for the environment) Lash Cards that have made the rounds in the sample boxes. Starlooks will be uploading their "Why Marci" video to youtube in the next few days, and when they do I'll post the link (which will have a demonstration of the box products). In the meantime, just google "eyelash mascara guard" and similar products like this will come up with a demo.

*Update* Here's the link to the video - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KNpf6C_lxZI

Overall, another awesome box! What do you think?

If you'd like to subscribe to the Starbox and are in the U.S. you can subscribe online. International orders must call or email Starlooks.


  1. Replies
    1. I'm really liking this company. Each month they don't disappoint!

  2. this was my favourite starbox yet! i can't wait for the december box. :)

    1. Oh and it already shipped! I've looked at spoilers and it looks amazing :)

  3. Mine was one of the ones that came smashed and shattered. :( What a mess my box was. I was so bummed because it was also extra slow in coming in. I also received a different colour tender gloss.. I loooove this product btw. Mine is more of a gold nude. I love it. I'll have a post this week.

  4. Looks like such a good box! That palette is to die for-I love neutrals(: xoxo


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