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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Winter Edition Fortune Cookie Soap Box

Christmas is almost here! So let's review a holiday-themed box, shall we? I ended up keeping my Fortune Cookie Soap box subscription, since I liked the fall edition so much. It only comes four times a year (which works really well for me) and is my only bath and body product sub.

Grinch-Themes FCS box
How fun! The Winter box has products inspired by the book/movie "How the Grinch Stole Christmas".

This season's goodies
L to R: OCD Hand Sanitizer, Roll on perfume, Body Wash and Personal Space room spray. 
First is an OCD hand sanitizer in the scent "Whobilation" - a mix of peppermint and cherry. It is also festively sparkly!

Next is a roll-on perfume in the scent "Cindy Lou-Who" - it is very light and sweet, like candy. I actually really like this fragrance and have been rolling it on my wrists for the past week!

Then comes a mini-bottle of body wash in the scent "Cheer Monger" (I love these names!) It is a blend of chocolate, marshmallows and peppermint and it smells like the hot chocolates I make (I add in a drop of peppermint extract to regular hot chocolate and throw marshmallows on top - try it, it is yummy!)

And we have a mini-bottle of Personal Space room fragrance in the scent "Dear Santa, I can Explain..." Another item I have been misting around the house for the past week. It smells like pine and tangerine, but not too strongly of pine (I think the sweetness of the tangerine balances it out). Really nice!

Hydrate Me gum drops
These mini Hydrate Me's are in the fragrance "Goody Goody gum drop" and they do smell really fruity! FCS Hydrate Me's are amazing - just rub on your skin after a shower and the oils condition and hydrate your skin, so much so that you don't need to use body lotion afterwards.

Whipped Cream body lotion
This whipped cream lotion sample is scented in "Pinch of Grinch". This might be my favourite scent of the box - it looks green but smells like lemon sugar! Yum.

Naughty or Nice bath fizzy
LOL - this naughty or nice bath fizzy looks exactly like little lumps of coal. Brilliant! It doesn't smell like coal though, I can't quite place this scent but it is very fresh.

Fortune Cookie Soap
And last we have a full-size fortune cookie soap in the scent "Holiday Cheermeister" (carrot cake and cream cheese scented - mmmmm). I love these little soaps :)

Overall I think this was a great little box. I like all the scents and I love the theme - very creative and fun. I actually just watched Jim Carrey's version of the Grinch a few days ago for the first time; it was pretty good, but do you think it tops the original cartoon?

The Soap Box by Fortune Cookie Soap ships 4 times per year. To subscribe it is $19.99 U.S/$28.00 Canada/$34.00 International (includes shipping). All boxes come with a $10 coupon towards a future purchase as well.


  1. Cute little package from Fortune Cookie Soap
    Merry Christmas!

    1. Merry Christmas to you too! This one was a fun box.

  2. absolutely adorable box and products! The Grinch is my favourite Chirstmas movie. Happy Holidays xx :)

    1. Happy holidays! It is a classic movie, and I haven't really seen many Grinch-themed products so this was a real treat!

  3. this is so very adorable!! i especially love the coal pieces hahaha :) happy holidays margo!

    1. Happy Holidays Helen! Yeah, it definitely looks realistic :)

  4. So adorable and festive!

    I like the original cartoon the best. It's one of my favourite Christmas movies.

    1. I grew up watching the cartoon on t.v. and I held out for the longest time on watching this newer version because I was so attached to the old one!

  5. What a cute box! I would look forward to using every single product!

    1. I have been using these and it really helps get me into the Christmas spirit - especially the body wash and roll on perfume - heavenly!


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