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Thursday, January 3, 2013

December Beauty Box 5

Well it's a new year and my first post is about last month's BB5 box (go figure)! I hope you all had a wonderful New Year's Eve and rocked a fabulous mani, even if you just watched the ball drop from Times Square at home (was it just me or was Jenny McCarthy super-hyper?) I went to a lovely low-key house party where there was a lot of vegan fare...even ice cream! (it was made primarily from tofu and it was actually amazing!)

Even though I got my December BB5 box in the month of December, I thought why break with tradition and  am posting it at the beginning of the following month :) Seriously, I think they are getting better with shipping as it arrived at least a week earlier than I expected it.

December's loot!
Oooh! I'm liking it!

Masker-Aide Facial Sheet Mask in Weather Warrior
Yes!!! Masker-Aide! I LOVED the sample of this that I received in one of my past Topboxes. Now I get to try another in this line.This is to moisturize skin after exposure to burning sun or sub-zero cold (I wish I had the first problem, but sadly, I spend my days trekking through the snow). And these little masks are not cheap - each retails for $4.99.

Jean Pierre Exfoliating cleaning pads
This is pretty cool as well - a pack of 16 cleansing wipes. This is a full size product (retails for $1.99). I am a huge fan of cleansing wipes; they are especially awesome when you go away overnight and are rummaging through your toiletry bag thinking, "Where did my makeup remover go?" And then you remember - it's sitting at home in your medicine cabinet. :S  But you can toss these in you bag and leave it there - no spill and it will be waiting for your next mini-getaway! Cleansing wipes are also really good when you are just TOO. TIRED. TO. TAKE. OFF. MAKEUP. Just scrub for 30 seconds and hit the hay.

Everyday Minerals 
I saw this brush as a sneak peek on BB5's facebook page in December...and immediately cheered. This brush retails for $12.99 and is used for liquid or powder foundation. I just got a full size of Ferro's HD Mineral Foundation and this brush is perfect for application. BB5, how'd you know?

Demeter Roll on perfume oil in Apple Blossom
Another full size product! (0.29 oz, retails for $10). This is a lovely perfume, I've used it several times so far and it smells very fresh with a hint of apples. It reminds me of spring! (which is still so far away :(

OFRA Cosmetics 3D Eyeshadow in Diamond Glitz 

I believe this is a full-size product as well (0.14 oz for $19.90). WTG BB5 for bringing out all the full-size products in this box! This is a wet/dry shadow that is touted as "3D", it has a brownish/beige base and these very fine, holo shimmers throughout, which I guess is what gives it that 3D effect.

 Very poor swatch of the shadow
No matter how many pictures I took, in all kinds of lighting, I couldn't get those little holos to pop on camera like they do in person. It actually is a lovely shadow and it's not too shimmery, I like the effect it makes overall when the light catches on those fine glittery pieces.

Product card

One last thing, I love how they made the product card festive, like a little Christmas card :)

Overall, a really fab box from BB5. It definitely felt like a Christmas gift, with that card and all those full-sized products! I think my favourite item would have to be the brush...it is just so useful and after I saw the spoiler, that's all I could think of when it arrived!

What do you think of this month's box?  What did you do for New Years?

If you are thinking of joining BB5, consider using my referral link. (If you'd rather not, here is the non-referral link). Cost is $12/month, $30/quarterly or $100/yearly - taxes and shipping included in all options.


  1. Yes, Margo!! I was so in love with this box..it was so fun to receive! :D

    1. They did a great job bringing us an excellent holiday beauty box!

  2. Another great American Beauty Box.. I like :)

    1. Yeah, I have noticed that lately the U.S. boxes are stepping it up. I want to support more Canadian boxes but unfortunately many of them don't compare at this point.

    2. Yeah I havn't really seen a super bad US box..Not overly impressed with the canadian boxs, so I am glad I do not subscribe to them anymore. It was fun while I did ( most of the time)

  3. whhoooohoo! i really liked BB5 - the card and the products were pretty good! the scent i got was cherry blossom - havent tried it yet but sounds like it will smell good!

    1. Many people said the cherry blossom is awesome too!

  4. Cute box! Some really great samples!
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    -Jen :) <3


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