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Saturday, January 26, 2013

January Ipsy bag

Hey! Sorry for the long break in posting, I was in the process of moving. Urgh! Stressful. We are still waiting for our new home to be ready so in the meantime I'm set up at my mother-in-laws. I made sure to bring some of my beauty bags/products with so I'll have bunches to blog about!

So today I have for you my January ipsy bag. Nothing new to those of you who have gotten one, or have already watched/read unboxings but I thought I'd add in my 2 cents about this month's bag in any case :)

The big ol' pink envelope! 
This month's bag and product card (the brush came outside the bag)
LOVE the lining!

The rest of January's products
So first let's tackle the brush...

Close up
This is a full size Soho beauty eyeliner brush and it's constructed quite well - the bristles are soft but firm (if that makes any sense). I needed one of these like yesterday, since I lost my smaller liner brush so this is an excellent replacement. I have several eyeliner pots that this would work well with.

big sexy hair hairspray
Another item I am happy to see. I love travel-sized hair products, as I rarely finish full-sizes (only of shampoo usually). This is a 50 ml volumizing hairspray from big sexy hair and I have been wanting to try something from this line for ages. I have seen this at Winners but hadn't picked it up yet; here's the perfect opportunity to see what it's like!

Josie Maran Argan oil
Even though this is a 5 ml sample, it really packs a punch! I received this same product in a past QVC New Beauty Test Tube and LOVED it. It's an excellent face moisturizer - I know it seems odd putting oil on your face, but give argan oil a go, it smells great and leaves skin soft and dewy.

Nailtini polish
YAY! Nailtini :) The millionaire polish I got in the November bag was so fun, I was happy to see I got another full size one, however I was really hoping for the oxblood. Frappe is a sheer pink - I don't wear sheer colours that often, but I'm thinking this would be a good base for maybe some glitter! Or if I ever attempt stamping ;)

Pacifica body butter
Everyone has been raving about this cream. And, quite rightly I think. I used some as a hand cream; it really got to work on my dry, dry, dry winter skin. But what is best about this is the scent. Tuscan Blood Orange is described as "Sparkling, juicy blood orange with notes of red raspberry and spicy sweet Italian mandarins. The scent of the Mediterranean beach." And you know what? It smells exactly like that, and it's divine. Ok, maybe I can't tell if it's an Italian mandarin or not, but still. Heaven in a tube. Thankfully they sent 73 mls of this thing; I'm going to make it last!

So, this month's ipsy bag had no makeup and the last two (November, December) were chock-a-block full of that. Even though I LOVE mostly makeup or makeup-only boxes (hellooo, Starbox!) this was actually really nice to receive as well. This was a good selection of products, and the sizes are fantastic. That blood orange cream especially - that made this month's bag for me!

ipsy is still a winner in my books. If you want to get on the waitlist to sign up - go to ipsy.com. Bag is $10/month - free shipping in the U.S. and $4.95 extra/month for Canadian subscribers.

If you got a bag this month, what did you think?


  1. Despite not being makeup focused, I really liked this bag. A lot of these products are things I can use for everyday! :D

    1. I noticed when Glymm did no-makeup bags, I didn't really enjoy them as much as this one. I definitely think it's because these are everyday, good quality products (and the sizes are fab!)

  2. I really enjoyed this bag too! I actually have fallen in love with the hand cream <3


    1. It is SO AMAZING! I hope more Pacifica comes in future bags :)

  3. Great January Ipsy bag - Love Pacifica
    Do they sell Nailtini in Canada? Looks like a nail polish line I would like to try

    1. I haven't seen this line in stores but it looks like Nailtini ships to Canada from their website. I also like how they have the option to customize your polish.

  4. I haven't been disappointed by ipsy yet. I really liked this month's bag. I used the Frappe nail colour. It actually looks quite nice with 2-3 coats :)

    1. Now I'm a bit more excited to try it! I still think I'll layer some glitter over it though ;) I've been on a bit of a glitter kick lately!


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