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Monday, January 14, 2013

January Prive Topbox

My January Topbox has arrived! Everyone this month received a special prive box - it's a specially curated box with products from only one brand. In future months you can opt-in for your chance to sample prive boxes (future boxes include Benefit, Lippy Girl and Miracle 10) or receive the regular Topbox. But to roll out the program this month they started with an "iconic" brand...


What I received 

I've been a fan of Clinique since I was a teenager. WAY before all these beauty boxes started, my favourite thing was to get the bonus bags at the Clinique counter (gift with purchase). I know other cosmetic companies do this but the Clinique bags were always the best! I would get the bag a few times a year, when purchasing a refill of the Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion. That yellow lotion was my go-to for years, until my skin started getting drier and I found it wasn't as quenching as I needed it to be. Then the beauty boxes started and I got the chance to sample all different kinds of creams. Still, it's very nice to revisit a trusted brand.

Rinse off makeup remover
I am very familiar with this remover as I received it in many bonus bags in the past. It's a very nice makeup remover; the only reason I generally don't buy the full size is because of the price ($25 for 125 ml). I find that Quo or even Simple makeup removers do the job just as well and they are less than half the price. This is a giant sample though, at 60 ml!

Clarifying Lotion - Dry/Combination
The full size of this either 200 ml for $16 or 400 ml for $27 and this sample is 60 ml so another great size! I have not actually tried the clarifying lotion in their 3 step system before (I went from cleansing to moisturzing, no in-between!) so this will be nice to try. You just put some on a cotton ball and sweep it over your face, like a toner. I really like how they gave me a sample exactly for my skin type - dry/combination.

Colour Surge Eye shadow duo - Strawberry Fudge.
The little silver box is an eyeshadow duo in the colour (flavour?) Strawberry Fudge. Sounds yummy! The name makes sense when one shadow is a pinky-shimmer and the other a rich chocolate brown. In general I like Clinique eyeshadows; I find there is good colour payoff and it wears well, but you must prime your lids first, otherwise there can be creases. I have a feeling I've received this sample in a bonus bag a long time ago, I definitely don't have that old duo kicking around though! I really like using these little compacts for travel - they fit very nicely in a small toiletries bag. This is a 1.6 gram sample; the full size is 2.5 grams for $25.

Wrinkle cream!
Well, nothing to make me feel old like a good wrinkle cream ;) Seriously though, this is the product that is highlighted on the outside of the box - it is a cream to help repair sun damage and minimize the appearance of wrinkles. The product card says, "At 12 weeks the visible wrinkle reducing power is remarkably close to a dermatological laser procedure. 63%, to be exact". I am judicious about keeping my face out of the sun so not much sun damage to report there, and I don't have very deep lines so this will probably just be a very nice face cream for me. This is a 7 ml sample; the full sizes are $57 for 30 ml and $86 for $50 ml.

Overall, I'm very happy with this Clinique prive box. All of these items would be included for free in various bonus bags that they offer from time to time (at Sears or the Bay) as gifts with purchase. The difference is these samples were purchased (as part of my monthly Topbox membership) and I didn't pay minimum $25/$30 at the cosmetics counter. So it is still a good value. I think I'm most excited for the Clarifying Lotion, as I haven't used it before and wonder if it really will be a good addition to my night time skincare routine.

What do you think of this Topbox Prive box? Do you like/dislike Clinique products? Have you signed up for your chance at a future Prive box?


  1. I got mine today and I'm pretty pleased with it. My clarifying lotion is for combination/oily skin and only 30ml, which is a bit weird, but oh well. My eyeshadow duo is cream and brown; colours I'll definitely wear.

    I hope I get the Benefit box next month, though hopefully the regular box will be just as good as I can see a lot of complaining happening otherwise!

    1. Hmm, odd that the clarifying lotion is a different size! Cream and brown is a really nice duo - that'll make a great neutral eye.

      Yeah, now that we know what the prive boxes will be, I wonder how the regular boxes will compare?

  2. Looks like a pretty good box. A lot of Clinique staples. If it wasnt for my no buy I would be signing up because they just told me im off the waiting list. But I kinda also want Ipsy because they seem to send out more makeup.

    I think you will like the clarifying lotion. It is like a liquid exfoliant. It always makes my skin feel really soft and super clean. Dont get it too close to your eyes though cause it burns like crazy!

    :) Chelsey

    1. I did end up trying the clarifying lotion - it is super nice. It actually controlled shine in my t-zone which is pretty fab. Usually that gets shiny while my cheeks are dry, dry, dry. I've got a lot of this sample to use!

      Ipsy is also a great sub that has been very impressive. Topbox is the cheaper of the two though, and the best Canadian sub I think!

  3. I actually panned Strawberry Fudge last year so I wouldn't be upset to have it in my January Prive Box!
    Clinique was my go to brand as well when I was younger and when they had their GWP, their makeup bags still are the best!

    1. Those bags were much like beauty subs - I wish Clinique would do a sub! I'm really glad they did a Topbox though, like you, they were my go-to brand but I've fallen away from them with all the other choices. I do like the revisit!

  4. I love Clinique! And you should count yourself lucky to have recieved that repairware cream. It does amazing stuff to your skin. We reviewed it a while back at makeupandmasala.blogspot.com and it makes my skin look amazing even though I am only in my 20s and don't really need a wrinkle cream.


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