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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Julep Maven February preview!

Aaaaand...it's the 20th, which means it's Julep preview time! What's in store for February?

(all images from Julep.com)

February collection
Lovely! Awards-themed (aka Oscars, Golden Globes, Grammys, etc.) Very glam!

All your February colour selections
Let's take a look at all the style profiles :)

American Beauty

Boho Glam


Classic with a Twist
IT Girl
All style profiles come with a free gift - the Freedom Polymer top coat. It is supposed to cure in 5 minutes under natural light, dry to a gel-like shine and last for days. I am so intrigued about this item! The Oxygen Nail treatment included in all boxes but IT Girl is a nail strengthener (and basecoat I believe) that dries to a light sheer pink). I have not yet found a nail strengthener that really works, so another item that I'd like to see if it lives up to its claims.

What do you think of the colour selection? I'm partial to Marion, Joan, Ingrid, Julianne, and really interested in the holos Rebel and Ginger. If you just can't decide, you can get the whole Glamour Nail Wardrobe for an additional $35 (on top of your monthly $19.99 Maven subscription) and get all the February colours, the topcoat, nail treatment and bonus Ellie and Oscar (glitter gold) polish all packaged in a lovely white jewellery box (they mention this is a $252 value)

The whole collection (+$35)

Hmmm, maybe need to see some swatches before you decide? Julep's got ya covered!

Hmm, I think the swatches I'm most drawn to initially is the IT Girl box - I like the pigments of Marion and Joan and Rebel looks very fun! Still not sure what to get though.

And to make things harder, of course we have the add-on's (you can only  choose 3 though!) This month you can add on any of February's colours or Oscar for $4.99 each, the Freedom topcoat or Oxygen nail treatment for $9.99 each, either the black (volumizing) or brown (lengthening) mascaras for $9.99 each, the Hand and Cuticle stick (featured in the January box) or Quick dry polish drops for $9.99 each or the Swatch me stickers or Polish remover pads for $4.99 each. Or you can add on any of these four additional collections:

The 'A' lister: Morgan, Julia, Jennifer ($14.99)

Best Dressed: Jane, Ginger, Rebel, Oscar ($19.99)

Old Hollywood Charm: Stefani, Catherine, Eileen ($14.99)

Red Carpet Romance: Lucy, Sienna, Nora ($14.99)

Oh man! I think I like some of the collections better than the Maven profiles - especially the 'A'-lister and Best Dressed. In Best Dressed, you can get the limited-edition rose gold glitter Jane, named after Julep's founder. Also it was mentioned that starting in February, they will specially number the limited edition bottles of polish. 

Neat! Now decisions, decisions...I'd love to hear your thoughts on the February Maven boxes. What colours/style profile are you drawn to this month? What do you think of the topcoat/nail strengthener? The plethora of add-on's and additional collections? The numbering of limited edition shades? And finally, what is your favourite awards show?

If you'd like to sign up to become a Julep Maven, consider using my referral link. If you'd rather not use my link, you can also sign up here. I'm not sure if this code works, but give it a try - PENNY at checkout.

*Update* Jane (rose-gold glitter) is now available as an add-on ($4.99)!


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    2. I like Sally too, but am not sure how it will look on my skintone. I have a warmish (yellow) base, would it make my skin look yellowy? I think if you had a cool (blue) skintone it would be a great contrast.

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    1. Thanks Sam! I just can't keep up with which codes are working and which aren't :)

  3. Couldn't have gotten through these choices this month without referring to this page about 50 times!!! Thank you!!!

    1. Aww you're welcome Laura! I find it helps me as well to lay it all out on this page and then go through potential combinations.


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