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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Julep New Year's Mystery Box!

My Julep New Year's mystery box came a little after New Year's, but that's okay. I really like what I received!  (BTW, Julep touted this as their best mystery box yet, $19.99 for a minimum of $100 worth of polish and product and the chance to win a mini ipad. I think because of this it sold out in just a couple of days. I didn't win it but am quite happy nevertheless.) The last time I bought a mystery box was way back in March (St. Paddy's Day box) so I thought I'd give it a go again.

Mystery box #2.
I got the Julep bag, Age Defying Hand Brightener, 5 polishes, glitter pot, samples of the Glycolic Hand Scrub and three polish remover pads. I received this bag in the summer but gave it to my mum when I was bringing her something or other so it's nice to get another. The polish remover pads are very welcome too - I've used mine up from the previous boxes and one pad can remove polish from all ten nails. I will go through the other items in more detail below:

Age Defying Hand Brightener 
I was very happy to see a full size tube of the hand brightener. When I first became a Maven, in my intro box I think it was, I got two mini tubes of the Glycolic Hand Scrub and Brightener. I really like using these in tandem; they completely rejuvenate my hands after just one use. I bought a full-size of the scrub awhile back but not the brightener cream and am glad to have them paired up again!

From L to R: Isla, Hoch, Portia, Mystery Glitter, Matte Top Coat
Right off the bat I saw Portia and thought, "Score!" I've wanted Portia almost since I've become a Maven, so this dainty blue glitter made the box for me. I think it pairs well with Hoch or Isla (the latter is a dupe for me but I don't really mind since I like the one I have so much). The mystery glitter has these tiny copper and silver pieces running throughout - any suggestions on what to pair it with? The Matte top coat is also a dupe; this might end up in a trade though, as I don't use my matte top coat very often.

Iridescent glitter pot 
This is such a fantastic glitter pot for the winter - I was excited when I saw this, as my other glitter pots are more suited to fall/Halloween. Suits the New Year's theme well!

Overall, this box was well worth the price and the only product I'm not sure I'll use is the matte top coat. Since I have so many Julep polishes, I'm surprised I didn't get more dupes, but am ultimately glad I finally got my hands on Portia. I know from swatches that it is a very sheer glitter and the colour reminds me of the ocean in the Caribbean (when the sun is sparkling off of the water). Can't wait to dive in (pardon the pun) and try it all out!


  1. Did you recieve a shipping email when they shipped it to you? I'm waiting for mine and I haven't yet received an email or anything about it :/

    1. I did receive a shipping notification - definitely give them a call/send an email about it (julep.com - click on the customer service button). I hope you get your mystery box soon!

  2. I'm so jealous of your polishes! I had to buy portia separately. I feel like you got better colors than me.

    1. Oh! but you got the mascara and foot soak - I've been very curious about both; what's your take on those two?

    2. I haven't tried either yet. I have too many open mascaras right now and not enough days to try them before I throw them out. It's going to be the first mascara I open once a few of my current ones hit 3 months. I've gone to the nail salon the last 2 times I got my toes done. So I haven't tried the foot soak. BUT it smells soooooooooooooooooooo good!

  3. Replies
    1. I didn't have any from the Trina Turk collection (skipped September) so it was cool to see Hoch in there too!

  4. Aww... ur box was almost the same as mine :P


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