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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

February ipsy bag

Yes it's the end of February, and I received my ipsy glam bag a few weeks ago, but for some reason I haven't dived into it like I've done with previous bags. So this post will be mainly an unboxing, as I have yet to try out the items to give a full review.

Big pink envelope time!
Inside this month's ipsy bag
February's theme was "red carpet ready" - alluding to all those award shows I guess. I would have preferred a Valentines-theme, but that's just me I guess.

Red lining inside the bag
The bag itself is probably my least favourite of all the months I've received ipsy so far. It's patent black with red lining, and although they were trying to give the image of glitz and glamour, it just seems kind of boring to me. Plus, the plastic-y patent smells a bit funny. I kind of wish they put that red on the outside of the bag!

Mica Beauty gel liner
The first item we have here is a Mica Beauty pot of gel liner. The packaging itself is quite cute, with a glass bottom and all, but I have heard comments on other blogs and ipsy's facebook group that this liner smudges quite a bit. This would not be good, so when I try this out it will be on a day I'm at home for most of it.

Pop beauty mascara
I'm excited to try out this Pop Beauty Smoky Lash Kapow mascara in Smoky Black, but I probably won't open it for a few months as I rotate my mascaras already in use. I find if I open to swatch mascara, by the time I get it use it, it's already dried out :(  I have heard good things about this little tube though!

Pixi Beauty Primer
This is a good sized sample of pixi beauty's Flawless and Poreless face primer. Another item that unfortunately won't get used right away, as I'm happy right now rotating my Smashbox photo finish and M.Asam Perfect Teint. When I need a change, I'll give this a shot.

Coastal Scents eyeshadow quad
This item I was most looking forward to. I love Coastal Scents in general, but their shadows I love the best. Especially their Metal Mania palette - now that's eyeshadow heaven to me! Oh and until March 1st it's on sale - $9.95, their lowest price on that palette ever. Good deal - just sayin' :) This quad is called "In the Spotlight" (apt name for the ipsy bag) and comes with the colours Dark Goldenrod, Sunbeam, Golden Globe and Dark Golden Olive. I am much more comfortable playing around with yellows and gold tones after receiving my December Starbox palette, so I'll have fun with these shadows.

[In other Coastal Scents news: ipsy has started this new way to shop (still in beta testing) called ipsyme. See the ipsy site for more details but basically it is a way to purchase limited-quantity items via facebook. They recently had their first deal - the 252 Coastal Scents palette for $12.95 (!) I was lucky to grab one, as it sold out literally in minutes. That palette is AMAZING. For those palette-obsessed like myself, it is literally like a work of art ;)  This ipsyme is an interesting concept for sure.]

Lash Card mascara shields 
Ah, it's the dreaded Lash Cards. Having gotten this in at least two previous other beauty boxes that I can remember, I was not particularly looking forward to getting more. The only thing I noticed that's different is that ipsy gave us double the samples (4 instead of 2)  which is nice, but again, it's of lash cards. Verdict: meh.

That's the February glam bag. Overall they had good sample sizes and a variety of items so why did I not dig right in? Probably because I have a few similar products on the go, but when I eventually try these out I'll be more jazzed about it I'm sure. I still think ipsy is a great value bag and fun company. I've also noticed that I still really like samplers in general as no matter how content I am in my makeup routine, I will always want to change it up at some point. I can commit to a man, but to cosmetics I play the field :)

What did you think of this month's ipsy glam bag?


  1. I was happy enough with everything but the lash cards. The primer is really good, I find it to be similar to porefessional :) For the gel liner, the first few times I tried it, it smudged, but then I tried it again last night and it didn't budge (and looked awesome), only difference was that I used stay don't stray with it instead of just using my regular primer.

    1. I used a lash card today - and ended up poking myself in the eye :( I didn't really notice a huge difference in my lashes.

      Thanks for the liner tip! :)

  2. I tried to order the March Ipsy.. though there is a waitng list - so I cancelled. Still have your reviews each month to see what you'll are getting.

    1. Boo for waitlists! I heard the wait time is maybe 6 weeks, but that's like missing two bags. Still better wait time than Topbox, though I think they're getting better, maybe just a few months.


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