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Monday, February 25, 2013

February Prive Topbox: Lippy Girl

The Topbox I got this month was one of the 3 Prive boxes on offer - Lippy Girl! (The other two were Benefit and Miracle 10). It looks like this same Lippy Girl is also an option for March, so here's my take on this box.

The Lippy Girl themed Prive box - Love the graphic!
What's inside
There were just two items in this Topbox, but both are full-sized products with a combined value of $25.

Extra Virgin Vegan Lip Gloss
Lippy Girl is a Canadian company that prides itself on using organic, natural ingredients (and they are do not test on animals). This lipgloss is organic, gluten free and vegan! (no beeswax or other animal-derived ingredients are included).

Swatch of gloss
This is a clear gloss that makes lips smooth and shiny. It smells like oranges too! Consistency-wise I found it to be a tad bit runny, but I've been wearing it all week and it does soften parched, dry and cracked lips quite well. I like this gloss and it is pricey - $15 (14g) so it was neat to get the full-size.

Sha-Zam lip shimmer
The other product is a Lippy Girl Sha-Zam lip shimmer stick. This retails for $10 (2.6 g) and according to the product card, it is a gold-flecked stick made with organic oils, waxes and natural mineral pigments.

Swatch of the shimmer stick
This stick isn't quite as moisturzing as the gloss, but it does soften lips and gives them a subtle shimmer. It also smells like delicious lemon! A bit of concealer, a swipe of mascara and this shimmer stick and you're ready to go on a casual day. Or layer it over cream lipstick for a shimmery effect!

Initially, when I only saw two products in my prive Topbox, I have to admit, I was a tad disappointed, as Topbox promises 4 samples per box. But, after trying these products out for the past week, I have to say I'm really happy with this selection, as the products are great and really wearable. Also, getting two full-sized items is nice and makes the value of the box worth it.

If you are lucky enough to get a Lippy Girl box in March, congrats! My impressions is that they are a neat little Canadian company with great products and philosophy of quality, organic ingredients. I know their products can be bought on ebeauty if you are looking for a retailer.


  1. Lippy Girl was my second choice!

    1. Which box did you end up getting for Feb? Did you choose Lippy Girl for March?


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