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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day! Swap

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! Sending you all a virtual chocolate heart - yummy!

For today's post I'm going to share with you a Valentine's Day themed nail mail package...I love themed swaps!

My Valentine's swap goodies!
My secret swap partner was Ashley and she sent me all this cool stuff - chocolate, lip gloss, a book, card and of course, polish!

Such a sweet card!

This book, 365 Ways to Live Happy has cool tips and strategies to find everyday joy like, "Think of one thing you need to stay strong and focused" and "Schedule thirty minutes each day to work on your dream". I actually really like books like this - it's inspirational and might actually get me started on that book I say I'm always going to write.

Cupcake lipgloss
mmmm, chocolates
I'm eating these as I'm writing this post actually...the dark chocolate hearts are my favourite :)

Up Colors holo in Rosa Star

Glitter Gal (Australia) holo in Wisteria 
Ooh I LOVE HOLOS! Let's swatch 'em out...

Closer look
These are such awesome polish choices...I don't have a lot of holos in my collection and I don't have either of these two brands - Up Colors or Glitter Gal.

Thank you SO much Ashley...this was such a fab swap package and a neat Valentine's treat!


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