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Sunday, February 3, 2013

January Beauty Box 5

Yay! BB5 time! And I'm really liking this January box.

What's inside?
January beauty goodies!
Let's go through it all!

Model Co Colourbox lip pencil in 02 - Pomegranate
Close up, natural light
This is a full size (1.6 grams - $18 value) Model Co lip pencil in Pomnegranate. It's a really lovely pink, and surprisingly not too drying. Nice bonus to have the sharpener in the cap! I still would probably wear gloss over it though, just cause I like the glossy look. I don't know if I should admit to this, but the last time I actually went out and bought a lip pencil, it was the late 90's and MAC spice was in (!) I usually just wear lipstick and gloss, but I will probably give this lip pencil a go. I advise to fill in your whole lip with the pencil, not just line the outside, as it will last longer and prevent the dreaded line that stays after lipstick has worn off.

Model Co pencil swatched on lips
Pencil Me In eye pencil in Char-kohl
Close up, natural light
Another full sized pencil (1.8 grams), this time an eyeliner in the colour Char-kohl, by Pencil Me In (retail $6.99). This one's also got the sharpener in the cap. This company's claim is that they make 'healthy' eyeliners - 'infused with vitamins and anti-oxidants'. I don't know if this will make a big difference though, compared to regular liners. When I swatched it out, it did have great pigment, though it dragged a bit, and I had to go over the line a second time.

Swatches of the Pencil Me In eyeliner and Model Co lipliner
Perfumies Solid perfume stick in Stardust
This is a fun little perfume stick! Retails for $7.00 (0.07 oz), it is made for when you are on-the-go as it will not spill. I just swiped this on my wrists - Stardust is a sweet, fruity scent, me likey! This will go in my purse for sure.

Ferro Cosmetics blush in Desert Rose 
Another Ferro blush sample (see the one I got in a past Topbox here) this time in the colour - Desert Rose. I think I like this colour a bit better than the previous sample I got, it is slightly shimmy and gives a nice glow to skin. I don't know how big this sample is (full size retails for $17.00) but it was full (as opposed to my half-full Topbox sample) and I would still really appreciate a sifter on these samples! Otherwise, the pigment tends to fall everywhere upon opening.

Swatch of the Ferro blush
Curls - gel/shine serum
Last is a really fun product. Curls curl gel/shine serum is supposed to give your hair shine, stop frizz and bring out those glossy curls! This is a big sample (60ml) and I'm really excited to see it as I've been trying to bring out the natural waves more and more in my hair. This product will be perfect for that! BB5 said on the product card that this is one of the 2012 "favorites" coming back to try again. But I didn't get this in past BB5 boxes and don't really remember this product in any past spoliers/unboxings from other blogs/vlogs. Oh well, I'm still really happy to get this.

Overall, another great box - several full sized products and samples, a variety of cosmetic items and samples that will definitely get tested out, not just relegated to the back of the beauty box sample drawer. And for only $8.33 on the yearly plan! As some other beauty box subs keep increasing their prices (and sometimes lowering the quality of the items), I think this one's still the best value.

If you'd like to join Beauty Box 5, consider using my referral link (or if you'd rather not, click here instead). Sub is $12/month, or $30/quarterly, or $100/yearly.


  1. Love the products! Can you give me a bit of a description on the types of products they normally provide you with? I'm seriously considering a subcription XOXO, Haylee :)

    1. Haylee Ann - in past boxes they have sent eyeshadows, lipgloss, primer, argan oil, face masks, mascara, false lashes, creams...the list goes on! What I like is they have been pretty consistent from month to month with fun products and good value for money. If you look at the sidebar, you can also click on Beauty Box 5 and see the last year of boxes from them.

  2. Tempted to subscribe to BB5 -- such a good value!

    1. It really is! I'm generally always pleased each month of this sub!

  3. Oooh someone else who got the curls stuff. yes, pretty useless to me though. :( Bah! I've never seen this in a past box either. So strange.

    1. I think it is supposed to bring out the natural curls, but yeah, if you have straight hair not sure if it will do that. It could be nice a just a serum though. Ok, so it's not just me - I'm sure this was a new product to the box.

    2. Yeh, I think we were both subbed at the same time? The second ever box was my first box. Oh well... luck of the draw, could be worse right? :P


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