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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Preview: Julep Maven March colours

And it's the 20th so here we go! (all images from julep.com)

March Maven colour/product preview
Pastels + shimmer. Very spring-y! Funny, I was thinking of those boxes of pastel chalk from elementary school when I noticed them strewn around this picture.

Your box selections:

Boho Glam -  Leila, Joy and Rock Star hand cream 
Bombshell - Minnie, Adrianna and Rock Star hand cream 

Classic with a Twist - Debra, Simone and Rock Star hand cream
IT Girl - Simone, Shenae, Teri
Modern Beauty *new style* - Glycolic Hand Scrub and Rock Star
hand cream

 Or upgrade to the whole collection this month for $30 more - 8 polishes, the scrub and hand cream:

Playful Collection

Time to see some swatches I think!

Boho Glam swatches

Bombshell swatches
Classic with a Twist swatches
IT Girl swatches 

And we can't forget about the add-on's. Like last month, there's a TON of picks to choose from. Add on any of the colours from this month's boxes for $4.99 each; the Rock Star cream or hand scrub for $9.99 each (or both for $15.99 - like getting a second Maven box); the Oxygen nail treatment or Freedom top coat from last month's boxes for $9.99 each; Acetone-free polish remover bottle for $9.99; polish remover packs, "Swatch Me" sheets or Matte top coat for $4.99 each...and a few other fun combos:

Hydrating Replenishment Trio - Hand Brightener, Cuticle Stick,
Cuticle Oil - $19.99

Hopeful Wishes Trio - Eileen, Maya, Amelia - $14.99

Springtime Pastels - Jessica, Suzie, Gloria - $14.99
Luck of the Irish - Jane, Lucky and Sienna - $14.99

You can also get that gorgeous kelly green and gold glitter Lucky as a separate add-on for $4.99 (great for St. Pat's!)


Again this month, a dizzying array of combinations and options to choose from - you can get polish and add on tons of polish, or product and add on tons of product, or make your own perfect combo of both. I had a inkling that they would be doing pastels for spring - I just thought it would be in April, but then again Easter is in March this year and things suddenly turn pastel once that holiday arrives. Again I'm undecided as to what I'll get - I love the colours of IT girl (as usual) but the brights of the Bombshell box are also quite stunning. What do you think? Your perfect March box + add-on's?

If you are not a Julep Maven yet, consider using my referral link to sign up. If you'd rather not, no hard feelings ;) here is the regular link. Use code FREEMAVEN or JULEPVIP on your first box!


  1. I just wanted to tell you that I love that you do these julep posts, because I do refer to them..heeh! :) So, thank you!

    1. Aww thanks! I also find that by doing this post every month, it helps me get it all straight too! So many choices - Julep has come a long way in their monthly boxes from just picking a style profile.


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