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Friday, February 1, 2013

Swap - Nail Mail!

I wanted to share with you what I got in the mail...this is from a swap partner in Holland....(and scroll down to the end for a fun mani I did!)

My swap goodies!
First, I need to talk about these amazing cookies!

mmm, caramel - I just had to take a bite!
These are wafer cookies that have brown sugar and CARAMEL sandwiched in the middle. IT IS SO GOOD! Unbelievable, I wish they had these cookies here.

p2 six step nail buffer
p2 Color Victim nail polish
I haven't heard of the p2 brand before - it was great to get polishes that I can't get in Canada. The colours I got were 540 - poetic (purple cream); 650 - fever (red shimmer); 870 - sparkling surprise (toffee shimmer).

To try out the polish, I chose to use p2 fever with Julep Isla and Oscar as accents...

I love doing a "melting" effect with Oscar
Close up

The p2 polish applies evenly; in two coats I covered the nail and got an awesome red shimmer. This mani was inspired by Snow White (I just watched Snow White and the Huntsman - really liked that movie! white as snow, lips as red as blood...) I think with the gold I was trying to invoke the magic mirror a bit :)

This was an awesome package (and now I'm addicted to those delicious cookies!) Thanks so much to my swap partner Silke!


  1. I love it when I see swap posts!
    Items that we can't get in Canada are soo awesome!


    1. I agree! I love getting beauty products from other countries, and the cookies were just such a treat!

  2. Loooove those nails!!! That red is amazing! Now, I want some wafery chocolately goodness! Bah! ;)

    1. Thanks! I do love the pigment in the red polish. Honestly, those wafer cookies are seriously unbelievable - I almost want to go to Europe to pick up a case of them!


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