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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Easter beauty swap!

I recently participated in an Easter-themed beauty swap. My partner Jenny got me a fabulous selection of products - here's a look into the swap package...

Wow! Easter came early!
We participated in a $15 swap. For that amount, this is an amazing selection!

Maybelline Baby Lips in Pink Punch; CoverGirl Clump Crusher mascara in Black.
Both of these products were on my wishlist :)

e.l.f  eyeshadow quad in Nouveau Neutrals, Super glossy lip shine in Honey Do
I just love glossy gloss and e.l.f is a budget favourite of mine. Win!

In addition to these main products, I also received fun samples....

Benefit Benetint; Goldwell Jelly Boost (Topbox faves!)
Compagnia Del Colore Magic Repair Mask; Julep Hand and Pedi Creams; Arbonne Revelage Hand Cream

And, a few fun chocolate treats...

Russell Stover Marshmallow egg, Cadbury Mini Eggs and caramel kisses (mmmmm)

I definitely feel like I was spoiled with this selection of cosmetics and chocolate! Even though this is just an unboxing, I will be using these products and posting a more thorough review on them in future posts (especially since I cut back on beauty subs, it's high time to dig into the products and let you know what I think).

Thanks so much Jenny for a great swap!

Have you ever participated in a beauty swap? What are your drugstore cosmetic faves?

Sunday, March 24, 2013

OPI Liquid Sand "Get Your Number"

I haven't done a NOTD in awhile! So here's a stunner for you - "Get Your Number" a liquid sand polish from the OPI Mariah Carey collection. The Liquid Sand finish had their debut here, and after test driving this polish, I have to say it has quickly become a favourite. Not only is the colour and texture stunning, but it lasts and lasts - for more days than I wanted! (I love to change polish colours frequently). It did not chip, literally gripped onto my nail bed and then came of way more easily than glitter polish! I am a fan.

So check out some swatches!

"Get Your Number" swatched
Mega-close up!
A little perspective
Ooh I just love it! It feels slightly gritty, like sandpaper, and the texture makes the little shimmer bits pop. If you're looking for a unique colour and finish, definitely give Get Your Number a try!

March Ipsy Bag....my last one

I know, I know - ipsy is fabulous. Seriously they are. I love the little bags (way more than Glymm) and the products each month are pretty neat. But, it is time for me to cut back on some beauty subs, as I have so many samples to get through already. Ipsy is the bag that, although I like what they choose each month, I don't get to the samples as frequently or often as from other boxes. So for now I've stopped this sub...I would go back in future once my mountain of samples has become maybe a small hill :)

But I still have this March bag to go though - so let's get to it!

That big pink envelope (seriously, this is THE BEST to reuse for mailing beauty swap packages!)
March bag and product card
This month's theme is "The Great Escape". I love that nautical themed bag!

This month's selection of products
Everything in this bag can be related to travel - a little escape.

Glam RX magnetic palette
This mini palette is about the size of a credit card and holds individual shadows, concealers, blushes, etc.

It comes empty, but 2 other items from this month's bag can be used with this! I don't have a magnetic palette like this, and the size is great to throw into an overnight bag. I've rarely bought single, unpacked eyeshadows because I never had anywhere to put it but here's the solution! If I have any gripes it's that it is a little too small, only a few products could fit inside.

Yaby eyeshadows in seashell and azalea petal
I read on another of my go-to beauty blogs, Plumpish Beauty, that Yaby is a Canadian company. Go Canucks! But I've also heard from lots of other reviews that the colour payoff on these shadows are not so great. Maybe something for them to work on, then? I do think these two shades are quite pretty together.


they fit right inside the Glam RX!


La Fresh Makeup Remover Wipes (8 pack)
These La Fresh wipes also came in this month's bag. Great travel theme connection, and normally I would love another pack of makeup remover wipes as I use them frequently, but I find La Fresh a bit greasy. Still these will probably get used. If only they would send a pack of Kaia wipes - heaven! Love those.

Juice Beauty Hydrating Mist
Last is a toner from Juice Beauty. I haven't tried anything before from this organic line, and this is a great size (30 ml). The bottle mentions it is a blend of rosehip, ylang ylang, grapseed oil and organic juices, but overall it smells very rose-y to me.You can spray this throughout the day, so I'm thinking to put this in my purse, but I'd also use this in the a.m. to set my mineral foundation. Spray mists like this make me think of summer, and spring just got here!

So that's my March ipsy bag. I will miss it, but I just need to take a look at the samples I already have to remind myself why I need to take a break from this bag. I also cancelled another beauty box *gasp!*  - I won't say what that one is yet as I have one more box to go with them. 

If you'd like to become a ipsy glam bag subscriber - get on their waitlist at ipsy.com. $10/month (US); Canada add $4.95 per month to cover shipping. 

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Eden Fantasys - Relaxing massage ahead!

Disclaimer: The products in this post were provided to me at no cost in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own. 18+.

When Eden Fantasys contacted me to review a couple of their products, I chose items from their massage line, as I've been stressed out lately from school, work and moving. Here was the perfect opportunity to enjoy a relaxing massage and test out new products!

The two items I chose were the Octo-pleaser massager and Lelo Flickering touch massage oil.

The Octo-pleaser massager 

Lelo Flickering Touch Massage Oil (spicy clove and amber)

Here's how they looked upon arrival:

Together, they make for a great massage experience!

Very cute!
My back and shoulders have been hurting lately (probably from sitting at a desk for way too many hours a day) so I asked my husband to massage my back and upper shoulders/arms using the Octo-pleaser and Lelo oil. The Octo-pleaser requires no batteries and comes ready to go. What we noticed is that the Octo-pleaser works well with a bit of pressure and it is easy to twirl and rotate the massager in your hand (which really helps sore muscles!) The eight "tentacles" feel like eight fingers kneading over and over and I was able to thoroughly relax after a few minutes. I highly recommend this product!

For the Lelo massage oil, I chose the scent "Spicy Clove and Amber". This oil is a blend of apricot kernel, grape seed and jojoba oils. It also contains 24 karat gold flakes! The scent is very subtle, slightly fresh and spicy and definitely not overpowering. You just remove the orange circle on the top and dispense the oil through the pump.

Pump top
Lelo massage oil on hand
The oil is very silky and soft, and a little goes a long way. It goes on clear and leaves skin feeling dewy and silky, though if you put too much on you will want to wash it off when your massage is finished. Skin is also left lightly perfumed. I really like this massage oil, it feels and smells luxurious. My only caveat is that I did not really see a shimmer on my skin, which I expected to because of the 24 karat gold flakes. But other than that it is a very good quality massage oil and I do recommend this. To note: this oil must be shaken well before use and it is for external use only.

Overall, I am extremely happy with these two products as they performed well and the results were exactly what I was hoping for - a relaxing massage that made my back feel much better actually. These products could certainly also be used for a sensual massage! The Octo-pleaser retails for $9.99 and the Lelo Flickering Touch massage oil retails for $38.99 (other enticing scents besides Spicy Clove and Amber are Balsam Fir and Bergamot and Fresh Lily and Musk).

Thanks to EdenFantasys for letting me test out these products!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Even though it's the 20th....

I know, Julep Maven preview day. But this time I'm actually not going to be doing my usual in-depth preview of the coming April polishes. To date, I have not received either my March Maven box or my February Maven box. I have contacted Julep customer service about the issue, but I feel like I'm getting the run around a bit. Because I'm not receiving my purchased boxes, I will refrain at this time from promoting Julep. If these issues get resolved in the future, I will then post unboxings, swatches and previews again.

(Just to note: it is slightly ironic that Julep ads might come up on my blog, but this is Google ads and not me posting about it).

Monday, March 18, 2013

February BB5 - late but great!

It's past mid-March and I'm only just getting to my February BB5 post. They sent Canadian subscribers a note last month saying that due to the weight of the package, the box had to be shipped differently and so would be a little late. Bigger items? Heavier products? When it finally came I couldn't wait to open it up!

The heavy Feb box!
Wa-hoo! Look at all the goodies!
Card inside
The February product card was also a birthday card as BB5 has been around a whole year! Happy b-day to a super-awesome beauty box :)

Bonus itrain gift card
This is actually a gift card (not a coupon) bonus from itrain.com - where you can download all kinds of workouts and routines. This card is good for several workouts! Really cool of them, especially since it's about time for me to get out of winter hibernation mode and move, move, move!

Bonus brush/mirror compact
Another b-day bonus is this little purse sized brush/mirror compact. I am thrilled about this, as a few months ago I finally threw away an old Avon brush compact I had for ages. I couldn't find a good replacement until this one literally showed up at my door :) Love the tiffany blue shade too!

Tree Hut Sugar Body Scrub
This must be what cause the shipping delay! It is a huge pot (156 g) of shea sugar body scrub in the delicious scent Tropical Mango (it smells AH-MAZ-ING). I got a Tree Hut body butter from BB5 ages ago - loved it - so I'm glad to see another product by this brand featured in the box. Full size is 18 oz and retails for $7.49.

Brush Guard Samples
3 sample Brush Guards
In this sample pack came three different sizes of Brush Guards (retails for $5.50/pack of 4) which help to keep brushes clean and shaped (for home or travel). The instructions look pretty easy (wash, shape, slip on, dry and store). I think I'll be trying this out for weekend trips - I hate when my brushes get all smushed and mangled in my toiletry bag :(

Coolway Boost
I have been hearing so many good things about this brand, but haven't tried anything from them before. Perfect opportunity, BB5! Coolway Boost is used as a leave on/rinse out in the shower for moisture infusion/straightening. The 8 oz full size retails for $39.95, so this is exactly why I subscribe to these beauty boxes as I would most likely never purchase it without trying it first. This 1 oz tube probably will last 2-3 applications.

H2O+ Shampoo 
And last is H20+ bath aquatics shampoo. I used to really like their bath and body products, but don't think I've tried their haircare line before. This smells really fresh and clean; it also boasts aloe vera, which I find cool and comforting. The best though is putting the aloe from the plant right on your skin! This sample is 1.25 fl oz; the full size is 8.5 oz and retails for $14.00.

That's the BB5 happy birthday box! I was a little sad to wait so long for it, but now that it's here, I think it was worth the wait. Great sizes in this box, products I will definitely use (like most BB5 boxes though) and the bonuses are awesome!

What did you think of this birthday box? Any product faves?

If you're thinking of signing up for BB5, I offer my referral link. If you'd rather not use it, no hard feelings :) here is the regular link. $12 monthly, $30 quarterly, $100 yearly.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Spring Fortune Cookie Soap Box

It may still look like this outside....

But spring has definitely sprung inside via the Fortune Cookie Soap Box!

The Spring Box
Oh yeah!

List of products inside
Let's go through this fun box!

Bath Fizzy and Bath Salts
This bath fizzy unfortunately is quite crumbly, but fortunately scented so nice, like melon. It is called "The Birds and the Bees" and is shaped like a little Easter Egg. Too cute! The Bath Salts are in the scent "Kiss my Vine", which translates into the scent of Strawberries and Champagne.

Body Lotion and candle
This time around, their whipped cream lotion sample is called "Honey Dew Me" and smells like a blend of melon (watermelon, honeydew, cantaloupe). Their cream is actually one of my favourite products, and this scent does not disappoint! The tea light is called "Down to Earth" and smells like lavender and basil - it's really lovely actually.

Spray lotion and Hand Sanitizer 
Ok, if you thought they were being cheeky with the other names of products...check these out. "I wet my plants" is a spray lotion (fun concept) and it smells like melon, jasmine and baby powder. This is probably my least favourite scent in the box, as it's a bit too heavy on the baby powder for my liking. The OCD hand sanitizer is called, get this, "Dirty Hoe" and smells like misty, earthy rain. Honestly, where do they come up with these names? ;)

Fortune Cookie Soap and Shimmer Stick
Last is their signature Fortune Cookie Soap (which is my second favourite of their products, right behind the body lotion) - this one is called "Late Bloomer" and smells like hibiscus, berry, amber and vanilla - it is a treat! The texture is a bit rough and it has some shimmer to it (see picture below). The shimmer stick is in "A Nod to the Hippies" and it is definitely patchouli scented. I swiped this on last night and initially didn't like it, then after an hour or so, it kind of grew on me and now I'm really loving this scent! It gives a subtle shimmer to skin but I think it is more so like a solid perfume stick.

Soap close up - you can kind of see the rough/shimmery bits.
This was a great soap box, and I really like almost all of the products, (just not completely sold on the scent of the spray lotion). The names of the products in this box are unreal, and made me laugh. Fortune Cookie Soap is down like that! I like getting this box every few months; the essence of the season are captured in these goodies and the timing of the boxes makes sure I don't o.d. on bath products (which, I can't say the same for with my beauty/makeup boxes!)

If you're curious to try the Soap Box you can check it out here; these boxes ship 4 times a year and are $19.99 each (U.S); $28.00 each (Canada); $34.00 each (International). Each box also comes with a $10 discount code for future orders on the Fortune Cookie Soap site.

Google Reader shutting down July 1, 2013 - Follow via Bloglovin

Hi all! A quick post to let you know that when Google Reader shuts its doors in July, you can still follow CityGirl via email updates (just look for the box in sidebar to sign up this way), facebook, twitter, or through bloglovin. You can also import all your current GFC blogs that you follow on bloglovin' (just look for the details at the top when you log in to your bloglovin' account).

I'll miss you GFC!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

March Topbox (regular edition)

So no Prive box this month for me; a list of choices was sent a few weeks ago to Topbox subscribers to choose from and the only Prive box I wanted was the Lippy Girl one! (The other selections were Aveda, Pure + Simple).  But since I got Lippy Girl for February, I chose the regular version of Topbox instead.

Regular Topbox
You know, this is the first time I've actually received a regular Topbox design, as I've always chosen the eco-friendly option. This one's quite pretty :)

My March Topbox contents
Masker-Aide Weather Warrior Mask
I have received this same Masker-Aide face mask in a previous box, but no worries as I love Masker-Aide, and at $4.99 per (it's pricey!) I wouldn't mind getting one of these masks every few months in a beauty box. It's also easy to use up - this sample won't sit around for long!

Mythic Oil (2 samples)
Next we have 2 mini vial samples of Mythic Oil. According to the directions, you can use this on damp or dry hair -  and I'd like to see how this stacks up again my  CHI silk infusion serum or my Moroccan Oil faves. It's nice that they sent two of these samples as they are tiny (full size is $26 for 125 ml).

Aveda Caribbean Therapy body cream
This is a 25 ml sample of Aveda body cream (full size is $42!!! for 200 ml). It says on the product card it smells like Caribbean mango, cocoa butter and warm island aromas. I kind of get that, but I think it smells more like citronella candle, that you use in the summer to ward off mosquitos. I'm a bit meh about this cream because the smell is not totally that appealing to me. And holy expensive on the full size of this!

Vera Wang Lovestruck Floral Rush
I do have a small sample of the regular Lovestruck from a past beauty box, but I'm really liking the Floral Rush version so it's great to get a bigger (4 ml) sample of it. (Retails for $79 - 50 ml or $105 for 100 ml). It does smell floral but spicy and a bit of deeper musk-type notes - I think quite wearable for me. I rarely buy perfume that I haven't sampled previously and this is a good sized sample to test out for awhile and see if I would ever consider purchasing the full size.

So that's my March Topbox. After getting Prive boxes for the past two months, I was glad to get a regular version (for change and variety). I'm happy about 3 of the samples but am not sure about the Aveda cream - when a scent is a bit off for me it makes it hard to use the product.

What did you get in your March Topbox? Did you choose a Prive box? What do you like better, the regular version or the Prive boxes?