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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Eden Fantasys - Relaxing massage ahead!

Disclaimer: The products in this post were provided to me at no cost in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own. 18+.

When Eden Fantasys contacted me to review a couple of their products, I chose items from their massage line, as I've been stressed out lately from school, work and moving. Here was the perfect opportunity to enjoy a relaxing massage and test out new products!

The two items I chose were the Octo-pleaser massager and Lelo Flickering touch massage oil.

The Octo-pleaser massager 

Lelo Flickering Touch Massage Oil (spicy clove and amber)

Here's how they looked upon arrival:

Together, they make for a great massage experience!

Very cute!
My back and shoulders have been hurting lately (probably from sitting at a desk for way too many hours a day) so I asked my husband to massage my back and upper shoulders/arms using the Octo-pleaser and Lelo oil. The Octo-pleaser requires no batteries and comes ready to go. What we noticed is that the Octo-pleaser works well with a bit of pressure and it is easy to twirl and rotate the massager in your hand (which really helps sore muscles!) The eight "tentacles" feel like eight fingers kneading over and over and I was able to thoroughly relax after a few minutes. I highly recommend this product!

For the Lelo massage oil, I chose the scent "Spicy Clove and Amber". This oil is a blend of apricot kernel, grape seed and jojoba oils. It also contains 24 karat gold flakes! The scent is very subtle, slightly fresh and spicy and definitely not overpowering. You just remove the orange circle on the top and dispense the oil through the pump.

Pump top
Lelo massage oil on hand
The oil is very silky and soft, and a little goes a long way. It goes on clear and leaves skin feeling dewy and silky, though if you put too much on you will want to wash it off when your massage is finished. Skin is also left lightly perfumed. I really like this massage oil, it feels and smells luxurious. My only caveat is that I did not really see a shimmer on my skin, which I expected to because of the 24 karat gold flakes. But other than that it is a very good quality massage oil and I do recommend this. To note: this oil must be shaken well before use and it is for external use only.

Overall, I am extremely happy with these two products as they performed well and the results were exactly what I was hoping for - a relaxing massage that made my back feel much better actually. These products could certainly also be used for a sensual massage! The Octo-pleaser retails for $9.99 and the Lelo Flickering Touch massage oil retails for $38.99 (other enticing scents besides Spicy Clove and Amber are Balsam Fir and Bergamot and Fresh Lily and Musk).

Thanks to EdenFantasys for letting me test out these products!


  1. That Octo-pleaser is adorable! I need something like that!

  2. Looks like a handy massage tool! I just wish it wasn't called the Octo-PLEASER! It just feels so dirty to say! I mean, I know Eden Fantasys is a fetish site, but somtimes the names of products are just so cheesy!

    1. I know what you mean - I've come to think of it as my handy back-massager that just looks like an octopus! (Maybe not as catchy though).

  3. Good choices! :) I will have to for sure check out their site you speak so highly of it! I have to giggle at octo-pleaser as well!


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