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Monday, March 18, 2013

February BB5 - late but great!

It's past mid-March and I'm only just getting to my February BB5 post. They sent Canadian subscribers a note last month saying that due to the weight of the package, the box had to be shipped differently and so would be a little late. Bigger items? Heavier products? When it finally came I couldn't wait to open it up!

The heavy Feb box!
Wa-hoo! Look at all the goodies!
Card inside
The February product card was also a birthday card as BB5 has been around a whole year! Happy b-day to a super-awesome beauty box :)

Bonus itrain gift card
This is actually a gift card (not a coupon) bonus from itrain.com - where you can download all kinds of workouts and routines. This card is good for several workouts! Really cool of them, especially since it's about time for me to get out of winter hibernation mode and move, move, move!

Bonus brush/mirror compact
Another b-day bonus is this little purse sized brush/mirror compact. I am thrilled about this, as a few months ago I finally threw away an old Avon brush compact I had for ages. I couldn't find a good replacement until this one literally showed up at my door :) Love the tiffany blue shade too!

Tree Hut Sugar Body Scrub
This must be what cause the shipping delay! It is a huge pot (156 g) of shea sugar body scrub in the delicious scent Tropical Mango (it smells AH-MAZ-ING). I got a Tree Hut body butter from BB5 ages ago - loved it - so I'm glad to see another product by this brand featured in the box. Full size is 18 oz and retails for $7.49.

Brush Guard Samples
3 sample Brush Guards
In this sample pack came three different sizes of Brush Guards (retails for $5.50/pack of 4) which help to keep brushes clean and shaped (for home or travel). The instructions look pretty easy (wash, shape, slip on, dry and store). I think I'll be trying this out for weekend trips - I hate when my brushes get all smushed and mangled in my toiletry bag :(

Coolway Boost
I have been hearing so many good things about this brand, but haven't tried anything from them before. Perfect opportunity, BB5! Coolway Boost is used as a leave on/rinse out in the shower for moisture infusion/straightening. The 8 oz full size retails for $39.95, so this is exactly why I subscribe to these beauty boxes as I would most likely never purchase it without trying it first. This 1 oz tube probably will last 2-3 applications.

H2O+ Shampoo 
And last is H20+ bath aquatics shampoo. I used to really like their bath and body products, but don't think I've tried their haircare line before. This smells really fresh and clean; it also boasts aloe vera, which I find cool and comforting. The best though is putting the aloe from the plant right on your skin! This sample is 1.25 fl oz; the full size is 8.5 oz and retails for $14.00.

That's the BB5 happy birthday box! I was a little sad to wait so long for it, but now that it's here, I think it was worth the wait. Great sizes in this box, products I will definitely use (like most BB5 boxes though) and the bonuses are awesome!

What did you think of this birthday box? Any product faves?

If you're thinking of signing up for BB5, I offer my referral link. If you'd rather not use it, no hard feelings :) here is the regular link. $12 monthly, $30 quarterly, $100 yearly.


  1. mmm mango is my fave scent! I've got to look up where they sell this stuff in Canada!

    1. According to their website, one of the stores they sell at is Walmart - I'll check it out and see if they are in Canadian Walmart stores.

  2. i love Tree Hut! and it's all thanks to BB5 :)
    i got Coconut Lime which at first didn't sound awesome to me but it also smells so delicious!

  3. Such a great birthday box! BB5 has been so awesome!! I got the scent Coconut Lime as well, but Mango sounds really good too.

    1. The mango actually smells like real bits of mango - sweet and delicious. Coconut Lime would be great to get too!


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