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Sunday, March 10, 2013

February Starlooks Starbox

Ever since I saw a spoiler of the February Starbox, I couldn't wait for it to arrive. Juicy pinks, an array of fun products and a special edition box? Let's dive in!

Pretty purple box this month!
As the box says, it's a special edition signature Starbox featuring a collaboration with makeup artist Lauren Clark.

Getting ready for spring! (Oh, it can't come soon enough.)
What's inside
That's Lauren Clark peeking out from behind this month's products. According to the pamphlet, she helped to put together Starlooks items that she uses and loves for the box.

HD Fluid Blush ($15 retail)
This creamy fluid blush is in the colour "Barbie", and boy, is it ever pink!

Whoa that's pink.
I put more pigment on my hand so you could see the colour well, but don't do this on your cheeks! (obviously ;) You only need a tiny, tiny dab of this and blend very well (see picture below). I honestly might mix this with a darker hue (bronze or brownish pink) to create more contour.

HD blush blended in :) Much better. 
Infinity liner pot in Princess Diaries ($15 retail)
What a fun name! This is a light pearly pink liner that goes on soft and sheer.

Swatch of liner
I will probably use this as a highlighter, or layered over a darker pencil. I actually used the eyeliner brush I got in a past ipsy bag for this ;) Yay beauty bag crossover!

Lip liner in Tipsy ($8 retail)
Close up
These are seriously the best names yet for beauty box makeup. Barbie? Princess Diaries? Tipsy? Too cute! The lip pencil is a coral-y pink-red, and as I've mentioned in past posts, I generally colour in my whole lip with a liner, to avoid the dreaded "lip line" when lipstick fades.

Swatch of lip liner
On lips
What I like about this liner is the fun springtime colour. What I don't like is how dry it is. I have to wear this paired with a gloss, otherwise my lips start to crack :(

lip gloss in pink oasis ($11 retail)
Lastly, we have a gloss in Pink Oasis. It is a beautiful pinky-purple, with little shimmer bits that catch and reflect the light.

the gloss on lips
I know I say this about so many glosses (!) but I do really like this one. There's just enough shimmer (not too much, like say, to start a disco party) and the colour is excellent for layering. For instance...

Pink Oasis gloss over Tipsy lip liner
Remember how I said the lip liner was too dry on it's own? Problem solved - and look at the effect!

In case you can't get enough of this set, Starlooks is offering another Lauren Clark box for sale during March that is an extension of this month's Starbox. That set includes Tipsy lipstick, Tipsy Lip Gloss, Cheeky Luscious Fluid Blush ($32) and a Tipsy lip liner ($39) (if you didn't get this month's Starbox).

Overall, this is a really fun box with products that are making me very impatient for spring to get here! I can't stress enough how nice it is to get a box each month of good quality and full sized makeup. And it's neat to get these collaboration boxes once in a while, to mix things up. If Starlooks ever wants to do a blogger collaboration (hint, hint!), I'd suggest myself but instead I think I would nominate Aleksandra of Plumpish Beauty. She's the biggest Starlooks fan and ambassador of the brand that I know! It would be fun to see what kind of Starbox she would create.

What do you think of this month's Starbox? Favourite product? Who would you like to see Starlooks collaborate with next on a box? If you could create a Starbox, what would be in it?


  1. yay beauty bag crossover!! hahah
    i find the names adorable too ! and the colors are so pretty and spring-y :)

    1. I do liked themed boxes like this - and a fun selection of pinks is just what I need this time of year. Hurry up spring!

  2. i really want to sign up for this box!! but im trying to save money! i think im going to try and cut expenses somewhere else so i can subscribe lol

    1. If you can cut elsewhere, this is a great sub to get. Consistently good boxes and full size product - I don't think there was a box yet I didn't like!

  3. This looks like a very fun and girly box and that blush looks so pigmented!

    1. Attack of the Barbies! ;) Good thing it blends well, otherwise that would be a strong shock of pink on cheeks!

  4. Aww.. what can I say is yet again.. loving Starlooks!

    1. Pressed 'delete' when I meant to press 'reply' to your comment - thank goodness it's still here! :) Yeah, Starlooks is on a roll!

    2. hehe - I thought you where telling me to delete :)
      They sure are. can't wait to see what you get next month.. :)


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