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Friday, March 15, 2013

Google Reader shutting down July 1, 2013 - Follow via Bloglovin

Hi all! A quick post to let you know that when Google Reader shuts its doors in July, you can still follow CityGirl via email updates (just look for the box in sidebar to sign up this way), facebook, twitter, or through bloglovin. You can also import all your current GFC blogs that you follow on bloglovin' (just look for the details at the top when you log in to your bloglovin' account).

I'll miss you GFC!


  1. oh what!!! this is the first ive heard of it - no wonder i've gotten an exponential increase in bloglovin followers the past 2 days
    thanks for the heads up

    1. No prob! Too bad they are shutting down, but bloglovin' is a pretty great alternative and it's really easy to import the current blogs you follow via GFC.


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