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Sunday, March 24, 2013

March Ipsy Bag....my last one

I know, I know - ipsy is fabulous. Seriously they are. I love the little bags (way more than Glymm) and the products each month are pretty neat. But, it is time for me to cut back on some beauty subs, as I have so many samples to get through already. Ipsy is the bag that, although I like what they choose each month, I don't get to the samples as frequently or often as from other boxes. So for now I've stopped this sub...I would go back in future once my mountain of samples has become maybe a small hill :)

But I still have this March bag to go though - so let's get to it!

That big pink envelope (seriously, this is THE BEST to reuse for mailing beauty swap packages!)
March bag and product card
This month's theme is "The Great Escape". I love that nautical themed bag!

This month's selection of products
Everything in this bag can be related to travel - a little escape.

Glam RX magnetic palette
This mini palette is about the size of a credit card and holds individual shadows, concealers, blushes, etc.

It comes empty, but 2 other items from this month's bag can be used with this! I don't have a magnetic palette like this, and the size is great to throw into an overnight bag. I've rarely bought single, unpacked eyeshadows because I never had anywhere to put it but here's the solution! If I have any gripes it's that it is a little too small, only a few products could fit inside.

Yaby eyeshadows in seashell and azalea petal
I read on another of my go-to beauty blogs, Plumpish Beauty, that Yaby is a Canadian company. Go Canucks! But I've also heard from lots of other reviews that the colour payoff on these shadows are not so great. Maybe something for them to work on, then? I do think these two shades are quite pretty together.


they fit right inside the Glam RX!


La Fresh Makeup Remover Wipes (8 pack)
These La Fresh wipes also came in this month's bag. Great travel theme connection, and normally I would love another pack of makeup remover wipes as I use them frequently, but I find La Fresh a bit greasy. Still these will probably get used. If only they would send a pack of Kaia wipes - heaven! Love those.

Juice Beauty Hydrating Mist
Last is a toner from Juice Beauty. I haven't tried anything before from this organic line, and this is a great size (30 ml). The bottle mentions it is a blend of rosehip, ylang ylang, grapseed oil and organic juices, but overall it smells very rose-y to me.You can spray this throughout the day, so I'm thinking to put this in my purse, but I'd also use this in the a.m. to set my mineral foundation. Spray mists like this make me think of summer, and spring just got here!

So that's my March ipsy bag. I will miss it, but I just need to take a look at the samples I already have to remind myself why I need to take a break from this bag. I also cancelled another beauty box *gasp!*  - I won't say what that one is yet as I have one more box to go with them. 

If you'd like to become a ipsy glam bag subscriber - get on their waitlist at ipsy.com. $10/month (US); Canada add $4.95 per month to cover shipping. 


  1. You are canceling this one? You were like my partner in crime when it comes to beauty box subs! I feel like a nut being subbed to everything...the mountain of samples is tall for me too...I had a dream last night that I had a child and lost her behind a moutain of product...

    1. omgawd Jayne you crack me up!!

      good on you on for your willpower! i wish i was that strong haha

    2. Jayne I know! I had a similar kind of dream - where beauty boxes were just taking over. I've come to the point where I've tried a lot of things out, and even though I love the boxes I currently have, I still have to cut back.

      Helen - it definitely was a hard thing to do!!!

    3. I wish I could cut back....that's just what an addict can't do, lol.

    4. It takes time! Even cutting one makes a major difference :)


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