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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

March Topbox (regular edition)

So no Prive box this month for me; a list of choices was sent a few weeks ago to Topbox subscribers to choose from and the only Prive box I wanted was the Lippy Girl one! (The other selections were Aveda, Pure + Simple).  But since I got Lippy Girl for February, I chose the regular version of Topbox instead.

Regular Topbox
You know, this is the first time I've actually received a regular Topbox design, as I've always chosen the eco-friendly option. This one's quite pretty :)

My March Topbox contents
Masker-Aide Weather Warrior Mask
I have received this same Masker-Aide face mask in a previous box, but no worries as I love Masker-Aide, and at $4.99 per (it's pricey!) I wouldn't mind getting one of these masks every few months in a beauty box. It's also easy to use up - this sample won't sit around for long!

Mythic Oil (2 samples)
Next we have 2 mini vial samples of Mythic Oil. According to the directions, you can use this on damp or dry hair -  and I'd like to see how this stacks up again my  CHI silk infusion serum or my Moroccan Oil faves. It's nice that they sent two of these samples as they are tiny (full size is $26 for 125 ml).

Aveda Caribbean Therapy body cream
This is a 25 ml sample of Aveda body cream (full size is $42!!! for 200 ml). It says on the product card it smells like Caribbean mango, cocoa butter and warm island aromas. I kind of get that, but I think it smells more like citronella candle, that you use in the summer to ward off mosquitos. I'm a bit meh about this cream because the smell is not totally that appealing to me. And holy expensive on the full size of this!

Vera Wang Lovestruck Floral Rush
I do have a small sample of the regular Lovestruck from a past beauty box, but I'm really liking the Floral Rush version so it's great to get a bigger (4 ml) sample of it. (Retails for $79 - 50 ml or $105 for 100 ml). It does smell floral but spicy and a bit of deeper musk-type notes - I think quite wearable for me. I rarely buy perfume that I haven't sampled previously and this is a good sized sample to test out for awhile and see if I would ever consider purchasing the full size.

So that's my March Topbox. After getting Prive boxes for the past two months, I was glad to get a regular version (for change and variety). I'm happy about 3 of the samples but am not sure about the Aveda cream - when a scent is a bit off for me it makes it hard to use the product.

What did you get in your March Topbox? Did you choose a Prive box? What do you like better, the regular version or the Prive boxes?


  1. I ordered the regular Topbox this time and it still hasn't shipped yet.


    1. Hope the shipping has worked out - if not definitely contact them, Topbox has pretty good customer service, they will work something out for you!

  2. Aha, so this is what's in the regular Topbox! I will always be happy with a Maskeraide mask!

  3. My friend got the exact same box, she loves the mythic oil!

    1. I have been using it for the past week or so, and it's really nice, certainly comparable to my fave MoroccanOil! Good thing there's two vials.


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