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Sunday, April 14, 2013

April Prive Topbox - Elizabeth Arden

In addition to the regular Topbox, there were more Prive Box choices for April, and I received one of the Elizabeth Arden Topboxes! Let's take a look...

Prive Topbox for April
Product card and offer
On the back of the product card this month is a voucher for a free makeup application and consultation - with a bonus Prevage sample if you take advantage of it. I might give this a go; having just attending the MUFE remix event this past weekend, it's lots of fun to get your makeup done by the professionals! 

Promo for Mother's Day Topbox

A promo card for a Mother's Day Topbox was also included - it's a fragrance-only box and features six perfume samples from Roberto Cavalli, Calvin Klein, Vera Wang, Chloe and Marc Jacobs. An e-gift card comes with the box and after you sample all six, you can redeem the card for the full size fragrance of your choice. It's not cheap, though - this Topbox will set you back $80! A neat idea, but I won't be getting this for my mum as she doesn't use perfume much. 

Back to the Elizabeth Arden box!

All the products inside
Prevage Anti-Aging and Intensive Repair Daily Serum
This serum retails for $275 (for 30 ml)!!!! so if I like it I better go to that makeup consultation on the card and get another free sample, as the full size is just too pricey. This serum is applied to fingertips and then blended into the skin. It has a pleasant enough scent, and the sample I received is 5 ml, which most definitely covers the price of this Topbox alone.

Beautiful Color Lash Enhancing Mascara in 01 Black
This mascara is in a good sample size (3 ml ; the full size is 7 ml for $30) and the card promotes that it is clump and flake-free (I do dislike when poorly formulated mascara flakes under your eyes and leaves tiny black dots). I won't be testing this yet, as I'm currently trying the Cover Girl Clump Crusher mascara from my swap (and I'll give you my thoughts on that in a future post) and next will be the Starlooks mascara from the March box, so this little tube has got to wait its turn. I am intrigued though by how it's a three-in-one (lengthen, volumize, curl).

All Gone Eye and Lip Makeup Remover
I am actually quite pleased to see this, as the makeup remover from my Clinique Prive box back in January has been finished and this is a product I use daily. As one makeup junkie to another knows, you can never have too much remover! And a good one is not too greasy or too harsh, but takes your makeup off at the end of the day effortlessly (leaving skin soft and hydrated is a plus). I have to say, the Clinique remover was really, really good for that - I hope I am just as impressed with this one. The card says this one works well on waterproof makeup and the sample (50 ml) is half the size of a regular bottle (100 ml for $24).

Flawless Finish Sponge-On Cream Makeup in Vanilla Shell

It looks big in these pictures - but scroll up to where I show the four products from this month's box together - it's actually quite wee (1.9 g). Still, I'm excited to get this - it's a good match for my skin tone and a nice way of trying out the foundation, it even comes with a mini-sponge! I'm a fan of cream foundations in theory, as my skin is dry, but it can't look cakey at all, or settle into lines. This makeup is supposed to look fresh for a full 12 hours, though the full size is a little pricey ($42 for 19 g) if I like it, I would consider getting it as I have a difficult time finding cream foundations I like. 

So that's the April Prive Topbox, and I did like getting all Elizabeth Arden products as I rarely purchase the full size of this brand, mainly because of the price point, so sampling first is the way to go. 

Although I just mentioned the sampling bit, and I really like Topbox, this is my last one for now. I still think Topbox is the best of the Canadian beauty boxes with the best price per month, but for the same reason I cancelled ipsy last month, I have a lot of samples to get through and I'd like to purchase full-sizes of products and brands that I've tested and love (hello Goldwell Jelly Boost!) Maybe in the future when I'm looking to try new products I'd resub again. I am keeping a few other boxes though, for now, but we'll see how it goes in the next few months. 

Did you get an April Topbox? Regular or Prive? What did you think?


  1. $275, wow. I wasn't overly enthused with this month's regular box and I've also cancelled. I'm like you -- too many samples, and also I'm just not as excited by the concept anymore!

    1. Yeah that little serum is quite the pricey splurge, I find that Prevage products in general are costly. If you subscribe to several beauty boxes, samples can definitely tend to pile up!

  2. I am liking the packaging and sure they will be great products to use ..

    1. Me too - I have some high hopes, especially for the cream foundation.

  3. I know what you mean...I've been thinking about canceling Ipsy as well because I'm having a hard time finding a PLACE for all of the samples!

    1. It's so much fun getting these beauty boxes but we all need a breather from time to time, definitely.

  4. Isn't the cream tiny? I just tried using it for the first time and couldn't even get the sponge out! I was really excited at first about the box, but after trying the items a bit, I'm not as impressed...

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