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Thursday, April 25, 2013

No Glymm? No problem! Nail Polish Canada saves the day!

So we all know that Nail Polish Canada (NPC) is just fab, fab fab. From the latest polish collections (even indies!), to beauty, to their great customer service, they are just all-around one of my fave companies (and they're Canadian! - obviously). Well, now I love them even more. Since Glymm briefly announced they were shutting down last week and then immediately pulled their website, Facebook and twitter feeds, they left a lot of ladies in the lurch who had yearly subs, gift subs and even those with month-to-month subscriptions. What's a girl to do? Step 1: call your credit card company and try to get your money back. Step 2: Go to NPC for a sweet hookup!

(All images from NailPolishCanada.com)

CG Shocking Pink, CG For Audrey, Color Club Theory, Mini Tend Skin, Mini Seche Top coat, Nail file

CG Nova, CG For Audrey, Color Club Theory, Mini Tend Skin, Mini Seche Top coat, Nail file

CG Towel Boy Toy, CG For Audrey, Color Club Theory, Mini Tend Skin, Mini Seche Top coat, Nail file

How'd you like one of these sweet boxes? FOR FREE?

Well, if you're a Glymm, er, ex-Glymm subscriber, NPC will give you one of these boxes for free. Seriously. They want to help people who've been, as they put it, "Glymmed out of their money" (aptly put!)

If you were a Glymm member at any time during the last four months, email NPC at boxmeup@nailpolishcanada.com with your proof of membership (could be a credit card statement, confirmation email, receipt, etc). Then after a day, you'll receive a coupon code to get one of these boxes (the difference is in the first colour choice, either CG Shocking Pink, Nova or Towel Boy Toy). Either way you'll be getting For Audrey, (that should be the colour of the year!)

If you just want this free box, the standard shipping rate of $3 will be charged; if you go polish crazy and add to an order (over $25) then this box (and your order) will ship for free.

NPC asked me to promote this to my readers and I gladly accepted their request because I genuinely like what they're trying to do, right a wrong and pay it forward. So hopefully if you have been "Glymmed" out of your money you can get a something back!

Are you an ex-Glymm subscriber? What do you think of NPC's free box offer? If you're going for it, which box would you choose?


  1. I love this! This company is truly amazing and after emailing their customer service today and getting such an awesome reply back, i adore them even more!

    1. It's quite good of them to make this offer - the powers of positive customer service!

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