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Monday, May 6, 2013

April Beauty Box 5

Ready? Let's go!

April BB5 
 First impressions - looks like a good selection of items.

La Fresh instant body smoother wipes (x2)
The first thing I noticed was the La Fresh wipes. These particular wipes I actually haven't tried before; it is kind of a a fun concept - basically you massage it onto any place you feel tension or fatigue (temples, shoulders, neck, legs, etc) and breathe deeply. A calm demeanour and cool skin will be your reward. It looks interesting and I think I will try this out after a day of school stress (which really, is everyday :S ).  Two wipes are included in the box, these retail for $9.99 (pack of 24).

Jean Pierre oil absorbing tissues (retails for $1.99)
Last June, BB5 sent a similar item - Blum oil absorbing tissues in a similar plastic package. I guess since summer is around the corner they wanted to make sure we were prepared (putting my t-zone on notice!) I definitely find that I only really use oil blotting papers in the summertime - during the rest of the year my skin doesn't get very oily, but in the hot summer sun, well, it's good to toss these in your purse (especially before taking a photo - you don't want to have a shiny forehead reflecting off the flash!)

Minxxette Brush Hanger
What a neat concept - I will definitely try it out with my eyeshadow brush. I like that it has a suction as well in case there's no place to hang it. This small brush hanger retails for $4.69.

Brazen eyeshadow in Birthday Suit

 Last month we received a Brazen eyeshadow and I knew we were going to get one this month from a Facebook spoiler. Again, a sifter would be lovely but at least this mainly stayed in the jar when I opened it.

Swatch of Birthday Suit
I think I like this shadow better than last month's - it's really nice, warm, matte and sheer, a great base! (Retails for $7.49 - 0.18 oz).

Model Co Illusion Lip Pencil (retails for $20)
I love how Model co has built in sharpeners 

Close up

And last is the product I found most intriguing  - Model Co brings us an Illusion lip pencil...here's the claim:

"Enhance your lip shape naturallyl with Illusion! This unique skin coloured, soft wax pencil allows you to create the perfect pout and lip line by giving the illusion of natural, fuller lips".

Ok, so let's give it a go.

Lined my lips with the Model Co pencil
Of course, just wearing the lip liner would look odd. So I paired it with a tendergloss lipstick from Starlooks that I'll be reviewing in an upcoming post.

Very nice and defined!
It's hard to compare, so I also swatched just the tendergloss lipstick on it's own (no liner).

Just lipstick
What do you think? I think the liner is nice, it definitely gives a more defined pout, but I'm not sure it does anything special that a regular nude lip liner can't do. Also, Model Co says this is skin coloured, but would it work on all skin tones? It's something to think about. If you received this pencil in your BB5 box this month - how did you find it?

The April box definitely has a good range of products and especially items to use for the coming warmer months. Still pretty happy with the selection BB5 brings each month (and am really diggin' that shadow - I see it being a summer staple for me!)

If you'd like to sign up for Beauty Box 5, consider using my referral link (or click here for the regular link). Cost is $12/monthly or $30/quarterly or $100 yearly. There are also gift sub options.


  1. Slim pickings this time around in the box.

    1. I do like Brazen cosmetic.. I have a few items from her - eyeshadow/Lipgloss(s)from her etsy shop.

    2. So far I've been liking the shadows - how are you finding the gloss?

    3. They are wonderful.. some are a minty tasting while others have known. Guess it depended on how she made them or what season it was.
      Good pigmented colour - not too sticky

  2. Its strange, I got the exact same color eyeshadow, yet mine is shimmery! I would have preferred it matte!

    1. Oh that is strange...does it have lots of shimmer or just a few shimmer pieces throughout?


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