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Friday, May 10, 2013

April Starlooks Starbox

Yay! I'm always excited to see my monthly Starbox in the mail...now that I've cut back on beauty box subs, I seem to appreciate the few that I get even more. Starbox is awesome as there's always a new look you can try each month!

April's box (love the light blue/dark brown colour combo!)

This reminds me a bit of the fashions at Coachella...the product card does talk about music festivals so perhaps some inspiration from there? It's also a neutral month in terms of products and colours.

Products in the April box
I actually like how Starlooks boxes most of their items; it makes the whole box seem more pulled together, in a way. Also when you get many products from cosmetic counters, they come in little boxes so it feels a little more luxe as well.

Out of the boxes

Translucent Mineral Powder (retails for $19)

The cost of this month's box is basically in this full-sized loose powder...this will come in VERY handy in the spring/summer as it's great to set makeup and eliminate the shiny forehead look that plagues me in the warmer months. I also like to set mineral powders with a bit of hydrating spray - the Juice Beauty spray from a past ipsy bag would work very well for this purpose.

Powder swatch (not blended)

Tendergloss lipstick in Trinity (Retails $11)
Yay tendergloss! Probably my favourite product Starlooks makes, it's a little more than a gloss, but not quite a lipstick. This one stars bronze-gold shimmer.

This is the same pic as from my BB5 post - where I used this tendergloss with the Model Co. lip liner. This is without the liner, and though the edges of my lips aren't as defined it is still a lovely neutral colour.

Lash Boost Mascara base (retails $15)
Here's a mascara primer that boosts and thickens lashes. I have only used one primer before, from It Cosmetics (Eyes of Seduction Lash Primer) and that one was quite good, it lengthened my lashes but the consistency was slightly lotion-y.

Close up of brush
The brush definitely looks like it has tiny little fibers in the formula...

Lash Boost on lashes 
Oh yeah, those little fibers definitely come off onto lashes (hmmm, my eye is a bit red - too long staring at a computer screen, methinks!)

With Cover Girl Clump Crusher mascara on top
What do you think? Thankfully the little fibers in the Lash Boost go away once the mascara is placed on top; I think it gives a tad bit more length to lashes as well.

Starlooks Mint Spf Lip Balm (Retails for $5)
Last, as a little bonus was this SPF 15 lip balm. The product card says to combine it with the Vanilla lip scrub from last month's box (scrub then moisturise  for a sweet mint flavour). I like that it is SPF so will put this in my purse for the summer.

Overall, I like this box; the translucent powder will come in handy over the next few months (as well as the lipbalm) and I'm such a fan of tendergloss lipsticks, they could include one in every Starbox and I'd be a happy camper. The mascara base is ok; I was a little freaked out by those threads but it does look nice under mascara.

To subscribe to Starlooks, order online (U.S. only) or contact them if you're outside the States. $15/month plus shipping.

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