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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

May Julep Maven box

Well I haven't posted about Julep in quite awhile due to my shipping fiasco with them. It took a few months to sort out but it's all been worked out, thankfully, and I can get back to receiving and posting about Maven boxes.

The month of May for Julep was 1920's era - themed (coincides with the blockbuster movie, The Great Gatsby, that's just come out). Have you seen it yet? I haven't and if I don't make it to the theatres, I'm sure I'll watch it when it comes out on DVD. I have read the book ages ago and loved it. Though I'm a bit more excited for 1920's Downton Abbey - I've just finished season 2 which finishes as they are ringing in 1920, so I CANNOT WAIT to start season 3. (Don't tell me what happens!)

Anywho, back to this month's Maven box:

May Modern Beauty Maven box
I chose the Modern Beauty box for May as I loved the polish colours in the other boxes, but they were too similar to shades I already own. I liked the idea of the lipsticks and the sugar scrub looked so delightful, so I settled on this box.

Sugar Smooch lip scrub (Retails for $14; Maven price $11.20)
Speaking of that sugar scrub...

The packaging
The packaging on this scrub is so very unique - it wouldn't be out of place on a glamorous dressing-table.

The scrub
It smells so amazing - like warm, buttery sugar. YUM! I exfoliate my lips with a sugar scrub a few times a week and it is essential when wearing bright lip colours. I think when I'm finished this scrub I'll just clean out the container and whip up some homemade sugar scrub to take it's place (as I don't want to throw out the pretty packaging).

American Beauty Volumizing mascara (Retails for $24; Maven price $19.20)

Colour: Jet Black
Julep has had this mascara (and the Boho Glam version in Brown) out for awhile now (I want to say September?) but I haven't tried it yet. It was probably included in this box to achieve the lovely, doe-eyed, lashed look of the decade (well it's a huge step up from mixing Vaseline and soot to darken eyelashes!)

New York Jazz trio lipsticks (Retails for $28; Maven price $22.40)
I have to say I just love this lipstick box...

...And how the little lipsticks nestled inside slide out like in a cigar/cigarette case (well it's certainly healthier than smoking!)

Top left: Tea for Two, Bottom: Satin Doll, Top Right: Lady in Red
The lipsticks are a bit smaller than I expected (2.1 grams) but I rarely use up a full lipstick this day so I guess smaller is a good thing. I do like the colours (a sheer and two bolder shades) and I think I like this set better than the colours in the Paris Jazz set but that's just personal preference. The last time I got a lipstick trio set was actually on a flight (yay for duty-free!). It was a Clinique set and I used those lipsticks constantly. I will probably use Tea for Two the most often in this collection, with Satin Doll a close second.

Flower hair pins
The bonus item in this month's Maven box was a pretty set of flower hair pins. There was a bit of a kerfuffle about this item, as Maven's who upgraded and got the full collection did not receive the pins in their box. If this was you, contact Julep and they will ship you out a set. I think these pins are just darling and nicely fit the theme of the box. It is a fun little extra!

And if you like the look of these pins but are not a Maven or skipped this month's box, check out Stephanie's creations - she makes earrings, rings, headbands and hair pins with flowers similar to these!

So I really liked this month's Maven box (especially that dreamy sugar scrub!) and I'm glad Julep's back in my good books, as I've missed them these past few months.

What Julep Maven box did you get for May? Favourite products/shades?


  1. I am liking the lipstick shades <3
    Please take a time to review my blog.
    I have just started blogging :)

  2. Great box - I should have order this one.. next time

  3. Great box! I love the container of the scrub, so pretty!


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