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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Starlooks Lauren Clark Tipsy Lip Set Swatches

Back in March, Starlooks had a bonus purchase offer - a set of three products to compliment the Tipsy lip liner from the February Lauren Clark Starbox. I ended up getting the set, as I really liked the products in the February box, and I was using the lip liner quite a bit (especially paired with the Pink Oasis gloss - see the Feb box and swatches here). I know it's now May (this being a March purchase), but these colours screamed "Spring!" and "Warm Weather!" to me so I'm wearing this set now.

Lauren Clark Signature Tipsy Lip Set ($32)
HD Fluid Blush in Cheeky Luscious; Lip Gloss in Tipsy, Lipstick in Tipsy
If you didn't get the February Starbox, the Tipsy lip liner was available as well ($39 for that box configuration).

So let's swatch 'em out!

Tipsy Fluid Blush
Swatched on hand
Blended even more!
These fluid blushes are VERY pigmented, so you only need a bit and you can acheive the look you want through blending (I use my fingers, though you can use a sponge). This blush isn't as bright as the "Barbie" fluid blush from the February Starbox - it is a deeper pink with a lot of dimension.

Tipsy Lip Gloss

Swatch on lips
I find this gloss to be smooth and glassy and not at all sticky. It is a creamy-sheer milky pink and good alone (but it certainly amps up the volume when paired with the rest of the Tipsy products...scroll down to see).

Tipsy Lipstick
Swatch on lips
The Tipsy lipstick packs a great punch of coral-pinky colour, but I also find it slightly drying (if I pair it with a gloss though then it's ok). That's why I'm a huge fan of their Tendergloss lipsticks - literally lipstick and gloss combined and it hydrates so well.

Swatch of Tipsy lipstick (top) and Tipsy liner (bottom)
I also wanted to swatch the lipstick and liner together - looks like a perfect match!

But lipstick, liner and gloss in the same (Tipsy) colour? Of course I have to wear it together...

Swatch of Tipsy liner, lipstick and gloss

Wow that's bright! These lips are screaming "summertime!" I think that creamy gloss really amplifies the look. So overall, I find this to be a very fun add-on box. Starlooks looks like it is doing more of these types of types of configurations in future (may or may not tie into monthly Starboxes). Currently on offer is the Rosemarie Signature Eye Set ($39.50), Minette Signature Eye Set ($32.75) and Mother's Day lip sets ($25.00).


  1. THey really do scream summertime, I love the bright colours!

    1. And now that May's here...summer's just around the corner - YES!

  2. Replies
    1. I think they fit this time of year a bit better than in March, but it's a very complimentary shade!

    2. I love this colour & yes complimentary shade :)


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