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Thursday, August 15, 2013

New (to Canada) nail mail - August Squarehue box

Have you heard? Squarehue is now shipping to Canada! I've been interested in this nail polish sub since it started in Dec. 2012, but it was U.S-only, till now. Starting with the August box they have opened up subs to Canada. Since this year has been the year of nail polish obsession for me (and also getting more and more into indie polishes) I thought I would give this box a try (and the new Bondi sub which I will review in a later post). Really, the only nail polish sub available to Canada all this time has been Julep, and now there's competition!

Welcome to Canada!
The subscription price for Squarehue is $14.99 per month + shipping ($9 for Canada, $5 for U.S subscribers). So for us Canadians it is $23.99/month total. To compare, Julep is $19.99/month total, but ever since Julep started offering subscribers add-ons, box upgrades and secret store options, many people end up spending more than the base price of the box per month.

For $23.99, you received 3 full size (.50 oz) bottles monthly. As far as I know there aren't any extras in the box, just the three colours. Everyone subscribed receives the same 3 colours and it's a mystery (no preview options). However, they do give you a hint as to the shades and colour theme. You can pause your account if you want to skip a month or two and can cancel at any time. The formula is also 4-free (no DBP, Formaldehyde, Toluene or Camphor), not tested on animals and a portion of sub proceeds go to charity (currently focusing on human trafficking issues).

From what I can tell, this sub is kind of like an IT girl box from Julep (which was my style profile for a long time until I switched it up to Modern Beauty) - 3 on trend, in season colours each month. But this is my favorite reason for wanting to try this sub:

  • Avoid the product display death stare. Picking from 80 billion colors at the store could damage your sense of style

This from their "how it works" page. Too funny!

Ok, so the first month for Canadians is the August box and the theme is Endless Summer.

And here's what this month's box looks like!

Opening it up

Close up of colours in box - neat packaging for transit!
From L to R: Bikini Beach, Scorched Summer, Surf Gypsy

I like how the month of the box is printed on the label as well.

Back of the bottles (to see the colours better)
So this month is a lemony, banana-yellow creme, a burned orange creme and a purple-mauve shimmer. Let's swatch 'em out!

Artificial lighting
Natural light

Natural light
I placed the swatches on a few different backgrounds and in different types of lighting. The swatches have two coats of polish, no topcoat and the formula was great - easy to apply, basically opaque in one coat. There is a definite summer vibe to this collection - makes me think of lazy days basking in the sun. Quick though - not a lot of summertime left :( 

I do like how there's two creme finish polishes and one shimmer, though I wish the flecks in Surf Gypsy were just a touch more shimmery. 

When I do a mani with these shades, I think I will take my inspiration from Squarehue's Facebook page and do a gradient mani with all three (and maybe add a touch of glitter). It looks just like the setting sun (maybe glinting off of the water?) Sqaurehue also has a lookbook on their website showing inspiration for each month's colours. 

So overall, I think the concept is neat with the colours rotating according to trend and season, how you get three bottles per month (that are bigger than Julep's) and the price is a few dollars more but still competitive. The only thing I would like to see is the option to preview each month's colours beforehand so you can decide to pause if you're not feeling that month's box. If you love nail polish and like surprises each month, Squarehue is definitely worth checking out. If you need to pick your colours or know what you're getting beforehand then this might not be the box for you.

I am looking forward to next month's theme as well - the Serengeti collection!

What do you think of Squarehue? Do you like the concept? Is is something you'd subscribe to?

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