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Monday, August 5, 2013

Review: the Balm Instain Blush

How's your summer going? This CityGirl is still plugging away at data collection, most of my time is spent at a computer these days. Wah, wah, wah. But I do get to go to the cottage on occasion, and am catching up on some novels in my free time (have you read 'The Rosie Project' yet? If not - definitely  pick that one up!) 

Today I'm taking a beauty break to review the Balm's new blush - Instain. It's part of their summer 2013 collection and the cool thing is that it is a long wearing "stain" in a powder formulation! The awesome peeps at Nail Polish Canada reached out to me to review this blush and of course I said yes (as NPC is 'the balm' - get it? :) and they recently started selling the Balm's line of products in their online shop.

There are six colours in the Instain collection - Argyle, Swiss Dot, Toile, Lace, Houndstooth and Pinstripe and they retail for $22 each (following pics from nailpolishcanada.com)


Swiss Dot





Which one is your favorite? It was hard to choose just one shade, but I settled on Houndstooth. So what did I think?

Out of the package!
I LOVE this packaging - it reminds me of a 60's magazine cover and is just so cute! ("SPRING for this blush"? - adorable).

Cover comes off!

Opens like a little book - magnetic closure

Houndstooth close up
The colour is a little more pinky-mauve than in the online photo - I really like this shade!

Swatch on hand
It didn't take too many swipes to build up the colour on my hand - it's a gorgeous flush! The pigment is matte which I tend to prefer these days over shimmer (especially in summer as shimmer will pick up and magnify shine on those sweaty, humid days).

What am I grinning about? My rosy cheeks!

The only makeup I have on in this shot is a bit of foundation (MUFE Face and Body Liquid Makeup) and the Balm's Instain blush in Houndstooth. I think I picked the right shade - it gives my face a natural glow. So far so good. But how does it hold up?

Well I was pleasantly surprised - after all-day wear (resting my hand on my cheek while reading at the computer, and even a power bike ride through the trails) the blush pretty much stayed put (I only noticed a bit of fading after my workout session). Instain has great buildable colour, and doesn't look powdery or chalky (with my dry skin that can sometimes happen). I tend to favour cream blush for this reason but like cream, this powder has great application.

Overall, I give a big two thumbs up to Instain. Awesome staying power and great colour - but, really, it's the Balm! (Another bad joke). Seriously though, this just could be your holy grail for blush. Pick it up at NPC (and throw in some polish while you're at it. Glitter Gal holos? Hello!)

Psst! A birdie told me that NPC is also running a contest to win $75 worth of the Balm. You could literally win these Instain blushes if you choose! Enter on NPC's page here.

Disclaimer: I received the Balm Instain blush for consideration for a review on CityGirl. I did not purchase this product but all opinions of this product are my own.


  1. Beautiful shade! I'm trying out Toile right now and I'm diggin' it too!

    1. ooh, great shade - I just love how these blushes are so pigmented.

  2. The packaging is absolutely adorable! Thank you for taking a thesis break and sharing your wonderful self with us again ;-)

    1. This was the summer of work, that's for sure. Hope things are well with you!


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