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Monday, September 2, 2013

Is Nail Polish Canada the Best E-tailer in Canada? You decide!

In the world of nail polish (and a bit of beauty too!) NPC can't be beat. From their AMAZING customer service to their great selection of products and fast shipping, all us Canadian beauty/polish junkies definitely rank them at the top of the e-commerce list. And so does Canada Post. If you haven't heard, NPC is in the running to be the best E-tailer in Canada from Canada Post's E-Commerce Awards. It's up to us if they reign supreme as the Consumer Champion!

And there are prizes! (Yes, I knew I got your attention there). You can vote every day (Aug 28-Sept 20) and each day you vote you are eligible for an NPC prize (past prizes have included China Glaze Feather Effects collection, Essie's For the Twill of it collection, Zoya's Cashmeres collection - really excellent stuff!) Just make sure you register to vote through NPC beforehand so they can record your entry.

That's not all. If NPC wins Consumer Champion then they will have a mega-giveaway - one winner will receive 24 bottles of Enchanted polish (unreal!) and another will receive a $1000 shopping spree at NPC.

So what are you waiting for? If Nail Polish Canada is the double-double in your coffee, the elephant in your ear, the toque on your head, the maple syrup on your pancakes...enough Canadian-isms - you get the idea - go and vote every day! And hopefully you'll be one of the lucky ones to score a prize to boot, no doubt about it! (Just had to throw another one in :)

Here's the press release for full details of the award and contest:

For immediate release:

Nail Polish Canada (almost) the best e-tailer in Canada

NailPolishCanada.com is close to being named the best e-commerce company in Canada as part of Canada Post’s E-Commerce Awards and needs your help.

NailPolishCanada.com was selected as a finalist for best e-tailers in Canada by a panel of judges including executives at Facebook and Google (So yes Dad, nail polish is a “thing”!).

As for who will be crowned the Consumer Champion it now comes down to a vote

“It’s been thrilling to work with so many great customers and bloggers over the past few years. So thank-you all for building NailPolishCanada.com into a company worthy of such an honor. Sam even teared up a little bit as he wrote this sentence pretending to be me.” - Nikki, VP Glitter.

To encourage everybody to show their support and vote, NailPolishCanada.com is offering up to $2000 in prizes!

How it works

Vote for NPC

You can vote every day. Voting runs from August 28th to September 20th 12:00PM.
You must record your vote to enter & win at Nail Polish Canada’s vote page here.

Voting & prizes are open to Canadian and U.S. residents.

Daily Draw
There is a daily thank-you draw for everybody who voted that day for awesome prizes!

Bonus: If Nail Polish Canada Wins the Vote

This is the kicker, if NailPolishCanada.com wins Consumer Champion then we’re having a huge giveaway with two winners!

Grand Prize #1: 24 bottles of Enchanted Nail Polish
Grand Prize #2: $1000 shopping spree at Nail Polish Canada

Both prizes are awarded separately and every day you voted for us as Consumer Champion is one entry to win.

Prizes are only open to Canadian and U.S. residents. See http://www.nailpolishcanada.com/vote for full details.

For further info please contact joy@nailpolishcanada.com

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