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Monday, September 9, 2013

Squarehue September - Serengeti Collection

My September Squarehue box is here! This month, the theme was Serengeti....

September box
As soon as I saw this picture, I was really looking forward to it - grassland greens, tans and browns I guessed, and so perfect to start off the fall season.

First peek at the colours

 A closer look

From L to R: Grassland Safari, Savanna Sundowner, Swahili Charm
Better view of this month's colours
Grassland Safari - a yellow/green jelly
Savanna Sundowner - an olive green/gold shimmer
Swahili Charm - an earthy brown cream
These shades definitely showcase the Serengeti theme - I feel like my nails might go on safari! Let's swatch 'em out...

Indoor light
Indirect sunlight

Direct sunlight

Boy, that Savanna Sundowner has a great shimmer in the light! I also like the lighter, jelly-type look of Grassland Safari and Swahili Charm is just a gorgeously rich, earthy brown - brown also being very on-trend for fall. I wouldn't have picked out any of these three colours if I chose them myself, but I do like all three...another reason why I'm partial to Squarehue is it makes me step out of my polish comfort zone. I never used to be a fan of anything yellow-ish until this summer, when Julep put out a shimmery butter yellow (Nadia) in the July box (I used my Jules that month and upgraded to the whole collection), then Squarehue and Bondi in August sent me yellows (Bikini Beach and Brick Road) and now Grassland Safari. Having these sent to me and trying them out, I've got a new appreciation for a colour that I always used to avoid. I don't think yellow-toned polishes will ever be my most favorite, but I will definitely throw it into the mani mix once in awhile. My favorite of this box has got to be Savanna Sundowner, as I don't have any olive-toned polishes, and I'm partial to a bit of shimmer!

My favorite part of Squarehue is the monthly theme and then sending polishes round that theme. Which is why I think it's very cool that they have also tied in a playlist for the Serengeti Collection on Spotify, but what sucks is that I don't think we can access it in Canada. Maybe try rdio next time?

Next month is a really intriguing theme - The Moto Collection...

I'm guessing chromes, maybe shimmers or creams, black, grey, orange? Looks promising!

If you're interested in subscribing to Squarehue, it's $14.99/month plus shipping ($5/U.S. $9/CAN). Each month you receive 3 full size nail colours and you can pause or cancel at any time.

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