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Thursday, October 24, 2013

October Julep Maven

I haven't posted about Julep in quite awhile. At the beginning of the year, I was having serious shipping issues as boxes weren't being delivered, instead they were returned to sender! Those were several frustrating months, so I ended up using an alternate address a few months later and thankfully all boxes since June have been delivered without issue to my alternate address.

I guess I haven't posted about them in so long because I was a little disillusioned with the shipping issues, and then after I just wasn't feeling this sub like before (maybe because I've been a Maven since February 2012). I was going to cancel, so I used up my Jules for boxes in July and August. But the summer boxes ended up really impressing me, both in terms of products - (hello sea salt spray!) and colours (especially July - that California collection was spot on and I ended up wearing that collection almost all summer. Adele especially is an AMAZING topcoat that I love to pair with my Julep polishes. And Fiore from the Garden party collection in August- that is one amazingly rich brown).

Also, Julep was on the back burner because of the two new nail mail subs hitting the marketplace and Canada - Bondi and Squarehue. As you can see from recent posts, I am still a huge fan of Squarehue, I like the concept and the polishes are fab, but as for Bondi, I ended up unsubscribing after the first box (August) as comments made on social media by the CEO just rubbed me the wrong way. I'm glad I cancelled now, as they haven't shipped out September or October boxes yet, and just seem very disorganized. It's too bad as their polish formula is quite nice, actually.

So because Bondi didn't work out and since Julep has been hitting a high note with their collections each month, I'm back to being excited about my Maven boxes, and for October, I upgraded and ordered the whole collection...

The Rebel Set - October Collection

My fave treat - candy corn!
This was the extra in the Maven box last October and I'm so glad it's back!

I like how the polishes are packaged now - in little "colour treat" boxes that slide out really easily...

Anisa, Winona, Valerie

Cleopatra, Dahlia, Stevie

Kendra, Missy, Ciara

 Such gorgeous shades!

Swatched - Anisa, Winona, Valerie
Swatched - Cleopatra, Dahlia, Stevie
Swatched - Kendra, Missy, Ciara
(Hint! If you've got Adele, try putting that topcoat over Ciara - crazy shimmer!)

The products in this month's box were the Mask Noir and the Kajal eyeglider (eyeliner - dual sided) and sharpener.

Kajal liner and sharpener

Swatches of the liner (brown and black)

 I've used the brown side of the liner and it is great, lasts all day and doesn't smear.

Mask Noir

Swatch of mask
Once out of the tube, the mask is thick and sticky, (reminds me of tar!) But then it dries fairly quickly and in about 10 minutes or so I could peel it off my face, with only a slight bit of residue that needed to be washed off. It actually is a very nice mask, just wish application wasn't so sticky at first.

This month you could also choose to add on Beatrix (a coal black glitter and Casper (a white-ish glow in the dark shimmer) but I've already got a glow in the dark polish from last October's box (Sofia - and that's enough glow in the dark for me) and Beatrix didn't really draw my attention so I didn't choose either of these.

So I'm really happy with this October box (I think my favorite colours are Missy, Ciara, Dahlia and Cleopatra) and the products are good too - ever since Julep has introduced their Modern Beauty profile they have really stepped up their product line. And since I'm writing this post during the November Maven selection window, I can say that I'm also really looking forward to November, I won't be upgrading to the whole Right at Home collection but I think I'll be doing some add-on's to a box. Yay Julep - you're back!


  1. I agree, the colours were gorgeous for October! I haven't gotten a box since August mainly due to wedding expenses, but all the shades that Julep has been coming out with have been pretty stunning. If I could just stop buying polish, I could have every colour I could possibly need just with Julep!


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