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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Squarehue October - Moto Collection

I'm very excited to be sharing my October Squarehue box with you. This is my third month with them (since they started shipping to Canada with the August box) and each month I like them more and more. One of my favorite things is the brush - it is short, easy to hold and I find I can apply my polish so well with it that I barely have to do any cleanup. Wear time for me on average is about 4 days with no chips (plus topcoat).

So what's this Moto collection all about?

October collection
Very slick! My initial thoughts were black, grey and orange (which are also quite Halloween-y) and I wasn't that far off!

Opening up the box
From L to R: Iron Horse, Desert Grit, Oil Slick

Better look at the colours

Iron Horse is a glossy, creamy black. This colour is perfect for me underneath chunky glitter polishes (I like to put a lot of my glitters with a clear base under black or white polish). And can I just say I love the name! Iron Horse is actually a character in Julie Kagawa's awesome book series "The Iron Fey". Maybe there are some Iron Fey fans working at Squarehue? :)

Desert Grit is a lovely orange with a twist - the finish is gritty and a bit shiny. Kind of like OPI Liquid Sands, this is a textured polish. Nice way to update the typical basic orange of Halloween.

Oil Slick is another interesting shade - it's actually a duochrome (purple/green - with hints of silver). This is a dupe for Essie's For the Twill of it, which I've tried and loved, but I've actually given that polish to my mum so this Squarehue is poised to take it's place.

Let's see some swatches!

Indoor light (wow, love all these finishes!)

Indirect Sunlight
Direct Sunlight

I think this is a great box for October, with a variety of fall/Halloween shades (and some nice texture!) Squarehue is not one of the bigger polish boxes out there, but they are really impressing me by delivering each month with on-trend shades (shipped on time as well). If you're considering a polish sub and don't mind not knowing exactly what you're going to get each month, give this a go.

FYI, November's box is The Coastal Collection...I'm guessing from the picture, the polishes will be blues, greys, greens? Looking forward to it!

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