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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Squarehue November and December Collections

Ok, so I'm behind on my Squarehue postings, so this entry looks at both the November and December 2013 colour collections. Let's start off with November...

The Coastal Collection

From L to R: Portsmouth, Chatham, Nantucket

Gorgeous shades!
From the discussions in my beauty groups, the consensus is that Squarehue did an excellent job with these November colours - muted, pastel-y shades that invoke the seaside charms of the coastal areas of New England. All the finishes are glossy cream. (And the lookbook for this month really captures the mood of these polishes). Let's see some swatches.

Indoor light

Indirect Sunlight
Direct outdoor light
Just lovely! I think my favorite colour for November would have to be Portsmouth, as that is such a pretty dusty-muted blue. But that smokey green...and that cocoa brown...it is hard to choose a favorite!

Now onto December!

With December comes the start of the Squarehue Passport Collection - each month they will take us on a colour journey based on a city - hopefully it will turn into a round-the-world tour! New York is the first stop, and here's what it looks like...

The Passport Collection: New York

From L to R: Fifth Avenue, Broadway and Times Square.


As with the October Moto Collection, Squarehue has found a way to incorporate the theme AND the season in the monthly collection. (October also had Halloween-y colours, but still reflected the Moto theme; December has these lovely Christmas elements). And the names capture landmarks of the city. Fifth Avenue is a cheery cherry glossy red cream; Broadway is a very sheer creamy pearl tone and Times Square stands out as a silver holographic.

Indoor light
Indirect sunlight
Direct outdoor light
And because Times Square really comes out to play in either direct indoor or outdoor light, here's a few shots of that...

Holo-y goodness!

Again, another fab month for Squarehue. I think they did a fantastic job with these shades and I love how it also doubles as a Christmas collection. Fifth Avenue screams holiday pedi to me, that reflective pearl of Broadway reminds me of candlelight and Times Square, well - Happy New Year of course! And I'm really excited to see them branching out to different finishes (the duochrome of Oil Slick in October started it off) and now holo.

What's coming up? So to continue the Passport Collection, January is London calling! We're going across the pond in the new year...

Hmm, based on the picture, maybe we'll be seeing reds, blues and greys? Possibly a polish called Big Ben? What do you think?

Also, Squarehue gives a portion of your subscription each month to charity (currently it is the A21 campaign that focuses on human trafficking) but for December, they have another charitable initiative - giving clean water to families in Cambodia. Check it out here - and if you feel this is something you'd like to support, the campaign runs until Dec. 31.

If you'd like to subscribe to Squarehue and join the Passport Collection journey with me, you can do so at squarehue.com ($14.99/month + shipping - $5 U.S/$9 Can).

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